NHS BSP & ABS Audit of Screen Detected Breast Cancer



The annual NHS BSP & ABS Audit of Screen Detected Breast Cancer was undertaken to examine NHS Breast Screening Programme surgical activity.

It was designed to assess surgical performance by comparison of data with as many   as possible of the surgical Quality Assurance standards recommended by the UK NHS Breast Screening Programme.

  • The number and invasive status of screen detected breast cancers
  • Non-operative diagnosis and use of diagnostic open biopsy
  • Treatment and size of all cancers
  • Lymph node status, invasive grade and NPI score
  • Surgical caseload
  • Repeat therapeutic operations
  • Adjuvant therapy
  • Survival analysis

Further information


The NHS Breast Screening Programme has published guidance on breast screening assessment which replaces the previous guidance published in 2009. Click here to view the new guidelines.

NHS Digital released statistics for the NHS Breast Screening Programme in England, 2015 - 16. You can read the full report here.  

For more information please contact Ms Olive Kearins at phe.nhsbspabs@nhs.net.

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