ABS members can choose to become affiliate members of ESSO for an additional fee. You can find out about the benefits of ESSO membership below.

The European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO) was set up in 1981 to advance the science and practice of cancer surgery across Europe. From small beginnings, it has grown to have over 20,000 members - full and affiliate - globally. 

ESSO organises the biggest surgical oncology congress in Europe each year, attracting over 1,000 surgeons from across the globe and featuring plenary lectures from some of the world’s biggest names in cancer surgery.  It also delivers an educational programme of 20 courses supporting different specialist areas of cancer surgery, providing both high end masterclasses and trainee directed content. The courses, which feature some of the best faculty and teachers from across Europe, are European CPD approved and ESSO members receive a 20% discount. 

The two breast courses, Advanced and Oncoplastic, are highly rated and will soon be joined by a course on intraoperative US in 2017. Both courses support the curriculum of the European Breast Examination, which ESSO co-founded and now shares the administration for, along with EUSOMA and the UEMS.

ESSO also has a trainee group which is a growing and vibrant body of young surgeons who are fully engaged in our activities. ESSO provides support for the group both practically and financially, including the running of trainee specific courses such as cadaver courses, hands on laparoscopic and robotic courses and webinars.  The Society also awards a number of prestigious fellowships each year - one major Fellowship of 10,000 Euros and eight minor Fellowships of 2,000 Euros - plus a joint European/US travelling fellowship. 

Lastly, ESSO cofounded the European Journal of Surgical Oncology with BASO and the two societies continue to run the journal as it grows in impact and international standing.

We welcome members of the ABS to join with our activities as part of the global ESSO community!

Lynda Wyld

Chair, ESSO Education Committee

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