Understanding the influence of age

An overview

Older women with breast cancer have poorer outcomes than younger women, even when co-morbidities are accounted for. There is evidence that clinicians do not always follow evidence-based guidelines for treatment of older breast cancer patients, possibly due to age-related assumptions that are pervasive throughout society, including in healthcare. To better understand the influence of age in clinical decision making, we are recruiting breast cancer specialist surgeons, trainees, and nurses for a study how age-related assumptions may impact on breast cancer outcomes for older women.


1. To determine whether patient age exerts an independent influence on treatment recommendations.
2. To identify if there is a relationship between age-related associations and treatment recommendations.

Inclusion/ exclusion criteria

We are recruiting Health Care Professionals with a specialisation in breast cancer

Planned Sample size

50 Health Care Professionals


Study completion August 2020

Further Information

Participants can receive personalised feedback of their Age Implicit Associations score here