A&R Committee

The ABS Academic & Research Committee consists of research active members of the ABS who aim to facilitate the Association’s vision of enhancing care and outcomes for patients with breast disease through the promotion and support of (surgical) research and innovation.

SurgeryThe specific objectives of the Committee are:


  • To identify relevant and important topics for research through broad consultation with both professionals, patients and public representatives
  • To develop methods to promote the development, funding and implementation of surgical research in breast disease
  • To support and encourage the participation of surgeons in all aspects of trial design, development, implementation and recruitment
  • To identify, train and support future surgical researchers' career through all career stages
  • To promote collaboration and co-operation in the development and implementation of research and clinical trials
  • To identify and participate in relevant research initiatives e.g. RCS Surgical Trials initiative
  • To raise the profile of breast surgery through publication of new and existing data
  • To encourage and facilitate patient and public participation in all stages of research development and implementation
  • To promote engagement and interaction of surgeons in national and international research organisations
  • To run workshops and other relevant events for the network and ABS members

The Committee's Terms of Reference are available to download here.


Membership of the ABS Academic & Research Committee


Membership of the ABS Academic & Research Committee is open to members of the Association and vacant posts will be advertised to members by a call for expressions of interest.

For further information please contact lucydavies@absgbi.org.uk

For information on the members of the Academic & Research Committee and their research interests please click here.

History of the ABS Academic & Research Committee


Following an open 'Academic and Research' break-out session at the ABS Conference & AGM in 2013, it was proposed that a formal Academic and Research within the ABS should be established.  The purpose of the group would be to encourage academic endeavour and trial recruitment within the community of breast surgery. A call was made in September 2013 for candidates for the position of Chair and Secretary. Following a ballot of Trustees, Council and Academic and Research Network members, Professor Malcolm Reed was appointed as the Chair of the ABS Academic & Research Committee, and Mr Ramsey Cutress was appointed as Secretary to the Committee. All members of the ABS were invited to apply for membership of the ABS Academic & Research Committee and its inaugural meeting was held in July 2014.