Academic & Research Network

The ABS Academic and Research Network is a network of research active breast surgeons which aims to support academia in breast cancer surgery and improve the quality of breast surgery research in the UK.

The ABS Academic and Research Network will support the Academic and Research Committee in:


  • Providing input into the identification and selection of suitable and feasible topics for research and feedback on proposed trial design to support PIs developing new studies
  • Participating in online surveys indicating willingness to participate in trial recruitment and likely numbers of patients recruited.  This information is essential for PIs seeking trial funding
  • Developing criteria for the award of ABS approval for clinical trials including those developed by ABS principal investigators but also trials developed by collaborative organisations requesting ABS support
  • Identifying and encouraging ABS research active members to join relevant funding bodies e.g. Breast Cancer Clinical Studies Group, Clinical Trials Awards Advisory Group, NIHR etc.
  • Promoting the dissemination of ABS supported research activity through sessions at relevant ABS meetings and publication
  • Considering the development of research fellowships (including partnerships) and training opportunities for early career surgeons to enhance their research skills with the aim of increasing the number of research active surgeons in both academic and NHS roles
  • Ensuring and enhancing the involvement of public and patients in all research activities through the identificiation of representatives and collaboration with established networks of PPI
  • Actively collaborate with the Trustees, Council, Academic and Research Committee and other Committees of the ABS in promoting the delivery of the objects of the articles of the Association

Click here to find information on the members of the Academic & Research Committee and their research interests. 

Membership of the Academic & Research Network


Membership to the ABS Academic and Research Network is open to all members of the ABS. If you would like to join the ABS Academic & Research Network please contact or on 020 7869 6855.