Educational Resources

On this page you will find information about courses which may be of interest to ABS nurse members

Introduction to Breast Care Nursing

Introduction to Breast Care Nursing is an online course provided by Blended Learning UK in collaboration with the ABS.  The course is designed to introduce senior staff nurses working in the UK and abroad to the principles of breast care nursing.

The course includes 2 x 6 week programmes with weekly topics.

The course is suitable for staff nurses (equivalent to UK Level 5) and senior medical students

The course prices are: 

Module 1 - £200

Module 2 - £300

The course is available free to candidates working in Government institutions (or equivalent) from low and middle income countries (LMIC).  Other candidates from LMICs can access the course at the discounted rate of £300 for both modules per delegate.

The next course will run between the 2nd October 2023 to 24th December 2023.  To register for the course please click here

Download a flyer about the course here

For more information see the Blended Learning UK website or e-mail

ACCEND Cancer Hub

NHS England’s elearning for healthcare and the ACCEND Workforce Education and training team have developed a new cancer workforce education and training hub to support the Aspirant Cancer Career and Education Development programme (ACCEND).

The ACCEND cancer hub will be a one stop shop for the cancer workforce who support people with a lived experience of cancer. The ACCEND cancer hub has been developed to provide a ‘go to’ place where healthcare professionals can find resources, elearning, linked to the Career Pathway, Core Cancer Capabilities in Practice and Education Framework. The ACCEND cancer hub provide resources, information, and education and training to support skills and capability building as well as career pathways.

Phase 1 of the launch of the ACCEND cancer hub features 9 elearning modules called ‘Foundations of Cancer Care’ specifically aimed at the pre-registration workforce to provide core knowledge and understanding about the foundations of cancer care - what cancer is, how it develops, the impact on patients and families, communication, the role of research and how to look after themselves and their colleagues.

There is also a comprehensive toolkit designed for those working in the supportive and assistive workforce which is broken down into the CORE training and education.

Visit the Hub here