Mammary Fold Committee

On this page you will find information about members of the Mammary Fold Committee

Gina Weston-Petrides

Natasha Jiwa

Victoria Rusius

George Boundouki

Alex Wilkins

Lisa Sheehan

I am a Wessex trainee and I am excited to take on the role of Chair of the Mammary Fold Academic and Research Collaborative as of March 2019. As a group we are very ambitious to role out some important national research projects that we expect will make a big impact in day to day clinical practice. On a personal level, I would like to make research and academia less daunting to more trainees at all levels and hopefully encourage greater participation. I look forward to hearing from more trainees about their research ideas and meeting you at our Annual Research and Academic day

Alex Humphreys

Alex is a senior Breast Trainee in the Severn region and has a particular educational interest in simulation and non-technical skills training having completed a fellowship in this area.

Hud Shaker

I am a Northwest deanery higher surgical trainee and former NIHR Academic Clincal Fellow in in Breast Surgical Oncology.  I completed my PhD in breast cancer and thrombosis at the University of Manchester and won the ABS trainee prize in 2018.
I am very experienced in social media and online marketing and my aim is to help and inform current and future breast surgical trainees through the website, Twitter and LinkedIN.    

Edward St John

Noor Obeid