Mammary Fold Committee

On this page you will find information about members of the Mammary Fold Committee

Thomas Hubbard


Tom is an NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer and ST8 General/Breast Surgery Registrar in Exeter. His current research interests lie in translational research, where he collaborates with Professor Stone's group at the University of Exeter using Raman Spectroscopy in breast surgery and trainee collaborative research and sits on the Mammary Fold Academic Committee. He has been the South West Peninsula Regional Representative and secretary to the Mammary Fold 2021-2023 and is the current Chair of the Mammary Fold.

Bukat Ertansel


Kit Fairhurst


Kit is an NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Breast Surgery at the University of Bristol. She is chair of the Mammary Fold Academic & Research Collaborative and Royal College of Surgeons Associate Surgical Specialty Lead (aSSL) for Breast Surgery. She combines research activities with her final years of surgical training in the Severn region. Kit's research interests are to improve outcomes for breast surgery patients, through designing, developing and conducting high quality collaborative clinical research answering questions of importance to both patients and professionals. Recent studies include Diamond, RESTORE C-19 and performing the data analysis for the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership for Breast Surgery.

Yasmin Hassen

Vice Chair




Rachel Lee

Social Media Rep

Rachel is a ST4 General Surgery Registrar in the East Midlands deanery and is currently in the iBRA-NET committee. As social media representative, she hopes to reach out to all trainees via weekly newsletters and active use of various social media platforms. 

Gerald McCabe

Junior Rep

Ashrafun Nessa


Ash is a ST6 Trainee in North of Scotland and has got interest in improving training environment by maximizing utilization of available resources. She is a Trainee lead for Surgery Division in NHS Grampian. As Junior Representative actively plays role in supporting the activities of Mammary Fold and encouraging trainees to join Mammary Fold.

Shaneel Shah

ASiT Rep

Shaneel is a General/Breast Surgery Registrar training in the North West deanery. He currently sits on the North West Breast Research Collaborative committee and has demonstrated his dedication to advancing breast research and garnering robust support for aspiring breast surgeons in the region. By representing breast interests at ASiT, he hopes to translate this position into tangible results for breast trainees including enhancing training pathways, improving access to educational resources, and fostering quality improvement. 

Caroline Strachan

Senior Representative

Leyla Swafe

Education and Training Representative