Mammary Fold Committee

On this page you will find information about members of the Mammary Fold Committee

Natasha Jiwa


Alex Humphreys

Vice Chair

Alex is a senior Breast Trainee in the Severn region and previously has been the Mammary Fold education and training representative. Her particular educational interest is in simulation and non-technical skills training and she is keen to continue and develop the Mammary Fold webinar series and future face-to-face courses specifically for trainees.



Thomas Hubbard


Ross Kenny


Alona Courtney

ASiT Rep

Jenna Morgan


Jenna is an NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Breast Surgery in the Yorkshire and Humber Deanery. She completed her PhD in 2015, examining the variation of treatment of older breast cancer patients. She is involved in Cochrane, having sat one of their editorial boards and authoring five reviews; she is Secretary of the iBRAnet Localisation group; and she sits on the Steering Committees of several national breast surgery trials, including Bridging the Age Gap in Breast Cancer, SMALL, and MARECA. Her personal research interests include treatment decision making and the management of older cancer patients.


Twitter: @BreastSurgeon

Hud Shaker

Social Media Rep

I am a Northwest deanery higher surgical trainee and former NIHR Academic Clincal Fellow in in Breast Surgical Oncology.  I completed my PhD in breast cancer and thrombosis at the University of Manchester and won the ABS trainee prize in 2018.
I am very experienced in social media and online marketing and my aim is to help and inform current and future breast surgical trainees through the website, Twitter and LinkedIN.    

Louise Merker

Senior Representative

Louise is an ST8 breast trainee currently working in Bristol, Southwest Deanery. Having undertaken an education and leadership fellowship during her training, she worked regionally on improving postgraduate surgical training and education. She hopes to use these skills to help provide good quality training for breast trainees nationally with collaborative working between regions to improve the future of breast surgery training.

Ashrafun Nessa

Junior Representative

Leyla Swafe

Education and Training Representative