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On this page you will find various educational resources for use by breast trainees


Nipple discharge accounts for 3-7% of all referrals to the one-stop breast clinic, with 15-45, 000 presentations to UK Breast clinics each year. Assessment includes the preparation of a nipple smear slide for cytology, which is a key clinical skill and can inform on the presence of blood cells, abnormal epithelial cells and malignant cells. Following an initial audit conducted among breast surgeons and radiologists, 56% did not feel confident in their nipple smear preparation technique, 45% were unclear when to label their slide and 62.7% did not know where on the slide the fluid should be placed. Ninety percent of those surveyed were unsure of the volume of fluid that should be placed on the slide and 65% requested a video guide to demonstrate the correct nipple slide preparation technique.

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Off the back of this audit  a video guide has been created. Please complete the short questionnaire here after watching. Please include your email address if you would like to be in with the chance of winning a £25 Amazon gift voucher!