Terms of Reference

1. Introduction 


The Mammary Fold Academic and Research Committee (MFAC) is established in accordance with the constitution of The Mammary Fold, its standing orders and scheme of delegation. These Terms of Reference set out the aims, membership, remit and responsibilities, and reporting arrangements of the MFAC and shall have effect as if incorporated into The Mammary Fold’s constitution and standing orders.

2. Aims


In accordance with the constitution of the The Mammary Fold, the aims of the MFAC are:

(1) To enhance care and outcome for patients with breast disease through promoting and supporting trainee-led audit and research

(2) To develop a national collaborative to facilitate high quality trainee-led audit and research projects, as well as design and conduct novel studies

3. Membership


(1) The Mammary Fold Academic Representative is the ex officio Chair of the MFAC.

(2) Up to eight additional Members shall be appointed to serve for a term of two years. They will then retire but may re-apply. The appointment procedure and selection criteria shall be published on The Mammary Fold website.

(3) Any member of The Mammary Fold may apply to be a Member of the MFAC.

4. Meetings


(1) Members must hold at least four meetings each year. They may elect officers, which may include a Treasurer and Secretary. Members may act by majority decision.

(2) At least three Members must be present at the meeting to be able to take decisions. Minutes shall be kept for every meeting. Members must attend 75 % of the meetings over the course of their appointment.

(3) If Members have a conflict of interest they must declare it and leave the meeting while this matter is being discussed or decided.

(4) Members can invite other individuals to attend Committee meetings, where appropriate and necessary.

(5) Members may make reasonable additional rules to help run MFAC. These rules must not conflict with these Terms of Reference or the law.

5. Remit and Responsibilities


(1) MFAC will identify relevant and important research topics through broad consultation with trainees, other professionals, and patient and public representatives.

(2) MFAC will support and encourage the participation of trainees in aspects of study design, development, implementation and recruitment.

(3) Each audit or research project will have a designated Principal Investigator.

(4) All audit or research projects will be peer-reviewed.

(5) MFAC must be acknowledged in any resulting publications, including but not limited to posters, presentations and articles. Each project will have its individual publication policy.

(6) Individual data collected by collaborators may be published or presented locally or regionally, subject to the agreement of the Principal Investigator and the MFAC

6. Money and Property


(1) Any money and property must only be used for the purposes of MFAC and must be held in accordance with the constitution of The Mammary Fold.

(2) Members cannot receive any money or property from the MFAC or The Mammary Fold, except to refund reasonable out of pocket expenses.

(3) Members and Principal Investigators must keep accounts for each research project. The most recent annual accounts can be seen by anybody on request.

7. Reporting Arrangements


(1) The Chair of MFAC is the Academic Representative of the The Mammary Fold and therefore reports to the President and the committee of The Mammary Fold.

(2) The Chair of MFAC or designated deputy will present a report at the Annual General Meeting of The Mammary Fold.

Tim Rattay June 2015.

Ratified by members of the Mammary Fold Academic and Research Collaborative 15th July 2015.