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This questionnaire is designed to provide an overview of the specialist services provided in local communities, especially BAME.  The purpose of the questionnaire is to provide the foundation in which future support and services can be developed.

To complete the questionnaire please click here

The ANTHEM study is a new project that aims to compare the clinical and patient reported outcomes of oncoplastic breast conserving surgery (therapeutic mammaplasty and local perforator flaps) and mastectomy with or without breast reconstruction in patients not considered suitable for simple/level 1 breast conserving surgery.  It will be a non-randomised study with patients making an informed decision for oncoplastic breast conservation or mastectomy with or without breast reconstruction following discussions with their surgical teams.

We will aim to follow up both groups to compare clinical and patient reported outcomes and hopefully, longer term; oncological safety.  This work builds on the TeaM and iBRA-2 studies and the comparison paper recently published in the BJS. It is funded by ABS and the Bristol Charity, Above and Beyond and we will be applying for CRN portfolio status.

To determine the feasibility of the study, we would like to explore the current practice of oncoplastic breast conserving surgery in the UK.

To help with this, we would like ABS members to complete the ANTHEM Oncoplastic Breast Conservation National Practice Survey on behalf of their unit by clicking on this link

Please only complete ONE survey per unit and it will take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions or would like to be involved in the prospective cohort study, there is a section at the end of the survey or please e-mail me or Charlotte Davies (

Cancer, Fertility and Me is a new patient decision aid that has been developed to help women of reproductive age (16 years and older) make important fertility preservation treatment decisions before starting cancer treatment. It is hoped that the resource will additionally assist cancer and fertility professionals when engaging in fertility preservation conversations with their patients.

The resource is available online and in print-based format and is freely available. It has been developed at Leeds Beckett University, in collaboration with a number of healthcare professionals, charities, academics and lay partners from across the UK.

The team would now like to gather feedback from cancer and fertility professionals in relation to your thoughts on this resource. We would like you to complete a short questionnaire, which will take approximately 10 mins to complete. To access the resource and complete the questionnaire please click hereThank you.

The Clinical Effectiveness Unit of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health is currently developing a new clinical guidline Breast Cancer and Contraception.  As part of the development process they are surveying health professionals caring for women with breast cancer.  If you have experience of contraceptive discussions with women they would like to know what guidelines (if any) you are currently using and what you believe is important for inclusion in the new guidelines.

To complete the survey please click here

The breast team at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth would be most grateful if you could complete this short survey looking at radiological follow up after breast cancer surgery.  We are aiming to investigate follow-up protocols across the UK, to identify variations in practice.  It is anonymous, and should take less than 5 minutes to complete.  To complete the survey please click here