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The Royal Marsden Hospital & Imperial College Healthcare have piloted pre-operative radiotherapy prior to mastectomy and autologous reconstruction (PRADA study) demonstrating that it is safe and has potential gains in terms of treatment expediency. The team now seek to determine the enthusiasm for this approach more generally, and in this regard would be most grateful for your time in completing this short practice survey.

Please do share amongst your colleagues in Breast and Plastic Surgery, and Radiation Oncology.  

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There is clear evidence of deviation from evidence-based guidelines and worse outcomes in the treatment of older women with breast cancer. The Brighton ans Sussex University is recruiting breast cancer specialist surgeons, trainees, and nurses to help them better understand and improve the care of older women with breast cancer in a climate of an aging NHS.

A PhD project at Brighton and Sussex University is conducting a survey looking at age associations and decision-making processes to further their understanding of treatment variations and inform a further study which hopes to improve treatment decision-making processes for older women with breast cancer. The study uses an Age Implicit Associations Test and hypothetical patient scenarios.

All participants can receive feedback of their Age Implicit Associations score.

This should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete.

Any questions or queries please email Daisy Neal at

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A group of higher surgical trainees at Manchester Royal Infirmary are undertaking a piece of research looking at the current process of consenting by surgeons in the UK.  They are looking to collate anonymous survey data to establish current practice and how this may relate to guidance on consenting following cases such as the Montgomery case and Thibaut.

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We are currently looking for sites to participate in this trial. The study schema can be found in the questionnaire. 

If your unit would be interested in participating in this trial then please download the questionnaire here and return to:

We would be most grateful if you would kindly complete the following Reconstructive Breast Surgery Survey, which should take approximately five minutes of your time.

We hope to investigate the practice and trends of breast reconstruction across the United Kingdom. In light of recommendations from the National Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction Audit (NMBRA) and areas highlighted in the recent Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction EvAluation (iBRA) National Practice Survey, we hope your participation will enable us to identify discrepancies in the provision of breast reconstructive services. Please feel free to forward this on to other members of your unit.

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With kind regards,

Mr Mohammed Herieka, CT2, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
Mr Johann Jeevaratnam, Specialist Registrar in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
Ms Christina Summerhayes, Consultant Breast Surgeon, University Hospitals Southampton
Professor Ramsey Cutress, Consultant Breast Surgeon, University Hospitals Southampton
Ms Diana Slade-Sharman, Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Surgeons at the Blackpool Victoria Hospital would like members' help with the following survey.

Both Tamoxifen and Aromatase inhibitor can be associated with risk of thromboembolism. Current NICE guideline (2018) does not provide any guidance about stopping endocrine therapy before elective breast surgery. This survey will help in assessing current practice in UK for discontinuing endocrine therapy prior to elective breast surgery for prevention of thromboembolism. We would be grateful to you for completing this short (4 min) survey. Your responses would remain anonymous.

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