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The breast services team at Portsmouth University Hospital are performing a survey of breast units across the country, to determine the current routine tracers used for sentinel lymph nodes mapping in breast cancer patients.

The aim of this survey is to understand the rationale for use of single or dual tracer for identification of sentinel nodes in breast cancer and quantify the occurrence of adverse reactions.

This is a short survey, intended to be completed very quickly. Please complete the survey here

The FLAME (FLAt symmetry after Mastectomy for brEast cancer) study aims to develop an agreed national pathway for how best to support women who wish to have a contralateral mastectomy for symmetry. As part of this project, the breast surgery research team at the University of Bristol want to understand how individual units currently manage patients requesting contralateral mastectomy for symmetry, what local pathways exist, whether symmetrising mastectomies are funded and how this varies across the UK.

They would be very grateful if you would complete this short survey ONE PER UNIT, and all who complete will be PUBMED citable on any resulting publications.

This work has the support of the Flat Friends patient group. Please complete the survey here

The Surgical Infection Research Network currently has an International Pan-Specialty survey (PRESS) live which aims to Identify current practice of preventing Surgical Site Infection (SSI). Hopefully this will help enable high quality collaborative research to prevent SSI.   

This has been designed by pooling current international SSI prevention practice guidelines (NICE, CDC and WHO) and available evidence bases. They have established an international steering committee to lead the project, and have extensively validated the survey both internally and externally.  

Complete the survey here 

A team based in the plastic surgery department at the Royal Free Hospital in London have established a research collaborative network to drive research into the use of ADM for pre-pectoral implant-based breast reconstruction.

They are interested in ascertaining current practice and decision-making among breast and plastic surgeons and registrars in the UK and overseas. In order to recognise expert contributions to their consensus survey, surgeons who participate are able to join the collaborative group and therefore be credited in subsequent publications and presentations.

The consensus survey itself takes less than 10 minutes to complete. For more information and to participate, please click here 

The University of Southampton is conducting a survey to ascertain the views of the current evidence for lifestyle advice amongst members of UK breast MDTs.  Informed by the outcomes of this survey, they will begin intervention trials to generate this information and thus provide evidence to support the need for NHS service provision.

Complete the survey here

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Liverpool wish to explore the opinion of breast cancer community regarding the de-intensification of radiotherapy to breast ( post breast conserving surgery) or chest wall (CW) ( post mastectomy) following a pathological complete response (pCR) to neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT) in node-negative early breast cancers (EBC).

Although there is on-going research evaluating the de-intensification of nodal radiotherapy, the important question of whether breast/CW radiotherapy could be safely omitted in EBC Node-negative patients after pCR to NACT remains unanswered. They would value your opinion to explore the need for a clinical trial to evaluate the role of de-intensification of adjuvant radiotherapy to BREAST or CHEST WALL in early breast cancer patients who have a complete pathological response to chemotherapy and to find out which subgroup of patients ( if any) you would be willing to include in such a trial.

Please complete the survey here

A survey to explore current practice amongst health care professionals with regards to prescribing HRT to patients who have been treated for breast or gynaecological malignancies.

Please click here to complete the survey

A team led by Riccardo Audisio MD, Fiona Mac Neill MD, Sue Down  MD, Lynda Wyld MD and  Kerstin Sandelin MD have developed a questionnaire regarding the policy of patients with breast cancer and concomitant breast augmented breast-bilateral breast implant augmentation (BBA).  

After collecting the answers, the team aims to publish this an opinion on a statement/editorial which could of course later be expanded at a later stage. All data remain anonymous for the collaborators as no personal data is included.

Complete the survey here

 Imperial College are looking for further views and opinions from clinicians regarding preoperative radiotherapy prior to mastectomy and autologous reconstruction [PRADA Trial].  Complete the survey here

The Neo-TAXIS Study Team would like to assess the feasibility of opening the Neo-TAXIS study in the UK.

Neo-TAXIS is the UK arm of the international TAXIS randomised trial, and will investigate whether it is possible to avoid an axillary node clearance in node positive patients having neoadjuvant chemotherapy who do not have a complete pathological response in the axilla following completion of treatment.

Neo-TAXIS will randomise patients who do not have a complete pathological response in the axilla to standard care (axillary clearance) or targeted axillary dissection (removal of abnormal/clipped nodes + sentinel node biopsy) followed by nodal radiotherapy.  The primary outcome will be disease free survival. Secondary outcomes include quality of life and lymphoedema.

They would therefore like to understand the current management of node positive patients having neoadjuvant chemotherapy and what happens to them following completion of systemic treatment.

Complete the questionnaire here


Nader Henry, a Plastic Surgery Resident at McGill University, Canada, is conducting some research on breast implant rupture screening. The research involves collecting expert opinion data from practicing surgeons in North America and the UK.

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A team based in the plastic surgery department at the Royal Free Hospital in London are planning research investigating surgical outcomes for pre-pectoral implant-based breast reconstruction using ADM versus non-use of ADM.

They are interested in ascertaining current practice among breast and plastic surgeons in the UK and evidence used by clinicians for operative decision making.  They would be very grateful if you could take 5 minutes to complete this short survey.

If you are interested in getting involved in this project, there is space at the end of the survey to leave your contact details.

Please complete the survey here