On this page you will find information about CORESS (Confidential Reporting System in Surgery)

CORESS is an independent charity, which aims to promote safety in surgical practice in the NHS and the private sector.  The charity receives confidential incident reports from surgeons and theatre staff.  The confidential reports are analysed by the CORESS Advisory Committee, who make comments on the report and extract lessons learnt.  The reports are then published on the website and in publications such as Surgeons' News.

The Advisory Committee is made up of representatives of all the Surgical Specialty Associations, including the ABS.  

For more information about CORESS please see their website


The following update has been provided by Richard Johnson, the ABS representative on the CORESS group.

To download the update please click here

Richard Johnson, the ABS representative on the CORESS Advisory Committee, has produced an update on the relevant cases considered in 2019.  Download it here.