17 Aug 2017

BASO~ACS Grants and Fellowships open for applications

BASO Raven Travelling Fellowship was endowed in 1993 by the Ronald Raven Trustees in memory of Ronald Raven, Founder of the Association.

BASO~ACS Grants and Fellowships open for applications

The award is currently for a maximum of £2,000 and may be awarded to one or several individuals as considered appropriate by the BASO~ACS National Committee when considering the merits of their applications.

The scholarship is open to UK-resident trainees or recently appointed consultants, who have gained the fellowship of one of the British or Irish Colleges, and who intend to travel outside the UK. Applicants need not be members of BASO~ACS or BASO Trainees Group (although this is desirable) but applications must relate to the aims and objectives of the Association.

Applications are now invited for 2017.

Visit www.baso.org.uk for details.

Submission closes on Friday, 22nd September 2017.