Support for Regional & National Meetings

On this page you will find information about how the ABS can offer support to regional and national meetings

In addition to hosting its own educational events the ABS is able to consider applications for financial support and sponsorship of a range of other professional events and conferences.

The ABS will consider supporting meetings organised by student surgical societies, trainee groups, allied surgical specialty associations and other groups of professionals involved in the breast MDT.

Applications for support will be considered up to a maximum of £500 per meeting by the ABS Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary.  In exceptional circumstances applications above this value will be considered by the ABS Executive Board.

The following conditions apply to any applications for funding:

  •  Conflicts of interest must be declared by anyone requesting sponsorship. Conflicts of interest will occur but must be declared to ensure transparency.  All arrangements must comply with the Charity Commission’s Conflict of Interest policy
  • Support is agreed only for the specific event declared on the application form as a one off event unless specifically agreed otherwise.
  • Use of the ABS name and/or logo must be agreed for use in any promotional materials/ programmes. 
  • ABS support of an event is not intended to influence the work or the activities of those undertaking event being supported.
  • The ABS should be acknowledged if an award/prize/lecture is granted utilising the monetary support from the ABS. The rules/terms of the award must be agreed in advance by the ABS and stated publicly.

The ABS is in principle open to support for activities that are consistent with its charitable objects and support its strategy.  The following criteria will be considered when evaluating applications:

  • Quality and appropriateness
  • Whether the conference theme is of potential interest to ABS membership
  • Timing of the event
  • Reach (Delegate numbers and which groups will be represented)

 Eligible activities include but are not limited to:

  • Awards/Prizes/Lectures at Regional or National Level
  • ABS would not ordinarily offer support to local trust or medical school meetings.

Please note: this does not constitute badging of an event.  The ABS may partner with other organisations to arrange joint events and also has an established system for the badging of overseas courses.  See the website for further information.

Terms and conditions of support

Any sponsorship arrangements will be underpinned by a written agreement, which for straightforward and limited circumstances can be a letter from ABS to the applicant.  By applying for support for a meeting the organisers must agree the following:

  • That the scope of the meeting is clear and any exclusions will be stipulated
  • That the ABS’ support will be for a defined period with clear terms of notice for both parties
  • That the meeting will safeguard the ABS’ name and/ or logo and any intellectual property rights
  • That the organisers will ensure that the agreement represents a fair deal for the ABS
  • That the organisers will provide feedback to illustrate the benefits of the support given and received.  This feedback must be provided within 8 weeks of the end of the meeting and may be used by the ABS on its website and publications
  • That the event/meeting must have a clear educational content
  • That the contents of the programme must be appropriate and relevant to attendees
  • That the venue must be appropriate and conducive to the main purpose of the event/meeting; lavish, extravagant or deluxe venues must not be used
  • That any associated subsistence (food and drink), accommodation and travel costs must be strictly limited to the main purpose of the event/meeting, must be of secondary consideration and must be appropriate and not out of proportion to the occasion
  • That no payment will be offered or paid to individuals to compensate merely for the time spent in attending events/meetings or presenting
  • That the ABS’ sponsorship will be disclosed in the material relating to the event/meeting and in any published proceedings. The declaration of sponsorship must be sufficiently prominent to ensure that readers are aware of it at the outset.

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Download the form to apply for support here