ABS Research Sandpit

The ABS Academic & Research Committee are inviting members with a trial idea to bring this to the ABS Research Sandpit for advice on further design, development and seeking funding.

The ABS Academic & Research Committee would like to hear research proposals from our members to address clinical questions that you feel are currently relevant. The A&R Committee includes experienced clinical trialists, researchers, and members of research groups such as the NCRI Breast Clinical Studies Group and therefore will be able to provide input to help refine and develop proposals, including identifying possible key collaborators and funding streams.  We are happy to hear trial ideas at any stage of their development, from a concept through to a more developed trial design, addressing any aspect of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment of relevance to breast surgeons.

Please note that the ABS Research Sandpit is designed as a forum for feedback, discussion and comment and are independent from badging and endorsement by ABS. Criteria for badging and endorsement can be found here.

ABS Research Sandpits are run on the days the Academic & Research Committee meets. These will be held in the afternoon after the A&R committee meeting. Members with a trial idea are invited to bring their idea, at any stage of development, to the committee for advice on further design, development and seeking funding.

During the session, you will be invited to give a 10 minute presentation on the proposal and this will be followed by discussion and feedback. Written feedback will be provided along with a letter to evidence the presentation and discussion and the feedback will be added as an appendix to the following meetings minutes.

To suggest your proposal for the next sandpit session please write at least 2 weeks prior to the A&R committee with a draft of your presentation to allow it to be circulated for comments and to be added to the agenda.

For information about when the next session is being held or to discuss further, please contact Lena Sebova at lenasebova@absgbi.org.uk