03 Jan 2023

Government update on Paterson Inquiry (December 2022)

Government update on Paterson Inquiry (December 2022)

The report of the independent inquiry into the issues raised by Paterson was published on 4 February 2020 with 15 recommendations. The government’s response followed on 16 December 2021.   

Maria Caulfield MP, Minister for Mental Health and Women’s Health Strategy, provided a statement recently detailing the progress made to implement the actions the government committed to in December 2021. The 12-month update report centred on an implementation plan focused on patient-centred information, making challenges heard, ensuring accountability and putting things right.

In her statement, Ms Caulfield MP reiterated the apologies of the government to the patients affected and those close to them, and committed to ensuring more was done to protect patients in the future. In line with this commitment, the government accepted the overwhelming majority of the recommendations made by the inquiry and set out an implementation plan of 40 actions to put those recommendations into effect.

View the 12 month implementation progress update.  There are many links to various government initiatives and data e.g. a link to the private practice PHIN Data where you can look up individual consultants or hospitals, but also links to other guidelines and resources e.g. standards around shared decision making.