The Mammo-50 trial looks at follow up mammograms of women aged 50 years and over who have had breast cancer. Guidelines suggest that women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer receive an annual mammogram, however there is uncertainty about how often women over the age of 50 should have mammograms and how long for. Annual mammograms can be costly and can cause anxiety for the patient and research suggests that annual mammograms may not be necessary for women over 50 if they are supported and monitored in other ways.



  • Find out if having mammograms less frequently will be as good as yearly mammograms in women over 50
  • See if having fewer mammograms causes more (or less) anxiety for women
  • Learn more about other follow up methods (such as clinic appointments with a doctor or nurse, or telephone follow ups) to see how these affect a woman's quality of life

Inclusion criteria


  • Women aged 50 years or older at diagnosis
  • Had surgery to remove breast cancer at least 3 years ago
  • Have had a recent mammogram which shows no sign of the cancer coming back

Exclusion criteria:

  • Have breast cancer that has come back or spread elsewhere in your body
  • Have had primary breast cancer more than once, or you have had any other cancer in the last 10 years apart from carcinoma in situ of the cervix or non-melanoma skin cancer that was successfully treated

Further information


For more information please visit the Cancer Research UK website here.