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Risk and Surgical Prevention

Medication to Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer: USPS Task Force Recommendation

Journal: JAMA

Young patients with breast cancer and BRCA mutation have similar survival to sporadic breast cancer patients (POSH trial)

Journal: Lancet Oncol


Breast Conserving Surgery / Oncoplastic Conservation

TEAM study

Therapeutic mammaplasty is a safe and effective alternative to mastectomy or standard breast-conserving surgery

Journal: Brit J Surg


Management of the Axilla

Targeted axillary dissection (TAD) has a low false negative rate – removal of clipped node during sentinel node biopsy

Journal: J Clin Oncol


Breast Reconstruction

RCT Quality of Life Outcomes no better with 1-stage versus 2-stage implant reconstruction  

Journal: Lancet Oncol


Quality of life improved following PMRT to autologous versus implant based reconstruction

Journal: JNCI

Complications following implant based reconstruction in the UK from iBRA group

Journal: Lancet Oncol


Lymphoedema Surgery and Prevention

RCT Lymphoedema rates reduced with reverse mapping

Journal: Ann Surg Oncol

S-LYMPHA (simplified LYMPHA) may reduce rates of lymphoedema after axillary clearance

Journal: Annals of Surgery



BRASS  Jenny Banks

Breast Angiosarcoma Surveillance Study (BRASS) – A National Audit of Management and Outcomes of Angiosarcoma of the Breast and Chest Wall

The BRASS study is a collaborative project led by practising breast and plastic surgeons in the UK and ROI.


Margin Detection

Shave margins reduce positive margin rates

Journal: Annals of Surgery

Shave margins reducer re-excision rate by 50% but increase volume of excised tissue

Journal: NEJM