Patient Resources

In this section the ABS will provide key, relevant information and resources for patients.

Patient Information: Your guide to breast reduction

The ABS has produced information for people considering breast reduction. 

Breast reduction surgery aims to reduce the size and improve the shape of the breasts to make them more proportional. The nipple will also be re-positioned. This surgery can also be used to correct breasts that are of unequal size. 

You can view the information here

NICE draft guidance on use of Intrabeam system of intraoperative radiotherapy

NICE have produced a decision aid on Intrabeam radiotherapy for treating early breast cancer.  This provides information to help people with breast cancer, people close to them and their health care professionals discuss the options. Find the aid here 



Your Guide to breast reconstruction

This ABS/BAPRAS guide is for women seeking more information about breast reconstruction either at the time of cancer treatment (immediate reconstruction) or once this has been completed (delayed reconstruction). It aims to give an overview of the options available and provides pointers to more detailed information on the internet and from other sources.

We realise that this may be a difficult time for you but hope this guide will help you to make some of the decisions that you are facing. It should also be helpful when you are talking to your GP, breast care nurse or family about the choices you wish to make.


Find the full guide here