ABS Multidisciplinary Meeting 2019

14th January 2019 at QEII Centre, London

Session 1: Genetic testing – who and for what genes?

Mr Mark Sibbering
Outcome of genetic procurement exercise and the National Test Directory
Dr Angela George
BRCA prevalence, lifetime risk and implications of genetic testing
Prof Gareth Evans
Panel testing in hereditary breast cancer
Dr Marc Tischkowitz
Non mutation high risk patients/ PROCAS programme
Prof Gareth Evans
Screening high risk patients and risk adaptive screening
Prof Fiona Gilbert

Session 2: Management of high risk patients

Indications and pathways for risk reducing surgery
Mr Ashu Gandhi
Dr Sacha Howell
ENGAGE study
Dr Samuel Smith
Pre-implantation diagnosis
Ms Eshika Haque
Supra-diaphragmatic radiotherapy
Dr Sacha Howell

Session 3: Testing by whom and when?

Mainstream genetic testing
Dr Zoe Kemp
POSH Study
Prof Diana Eccles

Session 4: Case Presentations

Case Presentations