ABS Conference 2019

13th & 14th May 2019, SEC Glasgow

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Session 1: Update on implant-based breast reconstruction

Current US controversies: Pre-pectoral versus subpectoral, smooth versus textured
Dr John Kim
Adverse effects in breast implantation – can we avoid them?
Dr Lisbet Rosenkrantz Hølmlich
We need to talk about capsules
Mr Nigel Mercer

Session 2: Prize papers session

Prize Papers

Session 3: Nursing hot topics

Managing increasing workload
Mrs Nikki Snuggs
Breast lymphoedema
Ms Katie Riches
Breast cancer – how to feel empowered and take control
Ms Liz O’Riordan

Session 4: Key messages for everyday practice: Clinical practice & standards session

New benign guidelines on management of nipple discharge and fibroadenomata
Ms Karina Cox
The need for a national consent form for breast implant reconstruction
Prof Zoë Winters
Decision making and consent: Supporting patient choices about health and care
Mrs Nicola Cotter
Medico-legal case discussions
Ms Lauren Sutherland

Session 5: Future management of DCIS

Overtreatment of DCIS and the need for clinical trials
Ms Cliona Kirwan
Update on the Sloane Project
Prof Alastair Thompson
Markers which can predict DCIS behaviour and novel therapeutic targets
Prof Louise Jones
'PRECISION’ collaboration
Dr Jelle Wesseling

Session 6: Submitted papers

Submitted papers

Lunchtime Symposium: Treatment de-escalation in early breast cancer

Lunchtime Symposium: Treatment de-escalation in early breast cancer

Session 7: Invited Lecture

Evolving concepts of risk in prosthetic breast reconstruction
Dr John Kim

Session 8: Joint UK Breast Cancer Group & ABS Symposium

Dose dense chemotherapy
Dr Larry Norton
Precision treatment for triple-negative breast cancer
Dr Peter Schmid
Recent practice changing trials in early breast cancer
Dr Iain MacPherson
SABCS round up of radiotherapy trials
Dr Duncan Wheatley

Session 9: Workforce challenges

Workforce planning: Breast surgeons in training
Mr Tim Cook
Workforce planning in breast diagnostics
Dr Nisha Sharma
Working in the UK versus US
Prof Alastair Thompson
Looking after the workforce: Stress and burnout
Mr Mark Sibbering
‘Core it out’ campaign
Miss Leena Chagla

Session 10: Submitted papers

Submitted papers

Session 11: Invited Lecture

New concepts in tumour growth and metastases
Dr Larry Norton

Session 12: Breast cancer in the older patient: What is the best advice?

EBCTCG meta-analysis of tamoxifen ± surgery in the elderly
Prof Richard Gray
Prof John Robertson

Session 13: Innovation Symposium

What is health innovation?
Mr Ryan Kerstein
Innovations in breast surgery and introducing the iBRA-NET innovation group
Mr Edward St John
Bringing innovation from the lab to the patient: Perspectives from a start up
Mr Jan Beijer

Session 14: Poster prize session

Best poster presentations

Session 15: Symposium Mammographicum & Association of Breast Pathology Symposium

ALCL for surgeons: What to request and when?
Prof Louise Jones
Current MHRA advice on ALCL
Mr Nigel Mercer
B3 guidelines MDM case discussions
Dr Nerys Forester and panel

Session 16: Successes & challenges: Understanding your data & interpreting outliers

NHS BSP & ABS audit of screen detected breast cancers, April 2017 to March 2018
Mr Ashu Gandhi
NABCOP update
Mr Kieran Horgan
Outliers and how do we deal with them?
Mr Ashu Gandhi

Session 17: Secondary breast cancer

Honesty when communicating about benefits and harms in metastatic breast cancer
Prof Dame Lesley Fallowfield
The role of the Metastatic CNS
Mrs Vanda Ribiero
10% clinical, 90% emotional & practical: The challenges of living with secondary breast cancer
Mrs Claire Myerson
Systemic options in 2019
Dr Catherine Harper-Wynne

Session 18: Invited Lecture

Beatson: His life and legacy
Mr David Smith

Session 19: Multidisciplinary meetings

Transforming multidisciplinary team meetings
Prof Chris Harrison
Feedback from the disciplines & development of MDM toolkit
Mr Mark Sibbering
Case Presentations
Miss Nicky Roche and panel discussants

Session 20: Post mastectomy radiotherapy: Are we overtreating?

Debate: In the era of treatment de-escalation are we giving too much radiotherapy?
Prof David Dodwell
Debate: EBCTCG meta-analysis and current PMRT guidelines
Prof Ian Kunkler
Radiotherapy planning for surgeons and late radiation side effects
Dr Gillian Ross
Primary radiotherapy and DIEP flap reconstruction
Mr Daniel Leff

Session 21: Mammary Fold session

Localisation techniques: ROLL
Miss Leena Chagla
Localisation techniques: Iodine-125
Mr Adam Critchley
Localisation techniques: MagSeed v wire
Miss Jennifer Rusby
Oncology update on adjuvant extended endocrine treatment and adjuvant bisphosphonates
Dr Catherine Harper-Wynne
Advice for trainees on getting cosmetic experience
Miss Penny McManus

Lunchtime symposium: Neoadjuvant endocrine treatment for ER positive HER2 Negative Breast Cancer

Dr Daniel Rea
Enhancing response to neoadjuvant Letrozole: The PALLET trial
Prof Stephen Johnston
Is there still a role for neoadjuvant chemotherapy in ER positive HER2 negative cancer?
Dr Andreas Makris
Prof Daniel Rea

Session 22: Neoadjuvant chemotherapy: Management of the axilla and trials

Mr Stuart McIntosh
NOSTRA feasibility
Prof Daniel Rea
Axilla consensus guidelines
Dr Andreas Makris
Mr Amit Goyal
The use of ultrasound guided axillary lymph node markers prior to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in node positive breast cancer
Dr Kate Downey
US Experience of TAD
Prof Alastair Thompson

Session 23: ABS & BAPRAS breast surgery session

Future collaborations between the ABS and BAPRAS
Mr Mark Henley
Mr John Scott
Correction of congenital breast defects
Ms Ruth Waters
Technical aspects of nipple sparing mastectomy with different shaped breasts
Mr Gerald Gui

Session 24: Submitted papers

Submitted papers