ABS Conference 2018

18th & 19th June 2018, ICC Birmingham


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Session 1: Post Paterson: Lesson learnt

Mr Mark Sibbering
The Paterson Case
Prof Philip Drew, Prof Gordon Wishart & Mr Steven Thrush
Learning from Paterson
Mr Steven Thrush
Post-Paterson: lessons learned and multidisciplinary team working
Prog Gordon Wishart
ABS Action Plan
Mr Mark Sibbering
Bullying and Undermining in the workplace
Miss Leena Chagla
ABS Clinical Guidance
Mr Ashu Gandhi
Multidisciplinary Team Working
Mr Mark Sibbering
NHS BSP Incident Update
Mr Mark Sibbering

Session 2: Mammary Fold Sessions

ESBQ – European options for training courses
Miss Fiona MacNeill
Modifying breast cancer risks: Lifestle advice in one stop clinics – does it make a difference?
Dr Sheila Stallard
Breast Screening: What Trainees need to know
Mr Giles Cunnick
Training a Breast Surgeon the Swiss way
Prof Walter Weber

Session 3: Nursing Hot Topics

What you need to know about Duty of Candour in the NHS BSP
Mrs Margaret Casey
Fear of recurrence
Prof Debbie Fenlon
How Near infrared lymphofluoroscopy imagine is influencing the breast cancer population and helping lymphoedema
Mrs Jane Wigg

Session 4: Implant reconstruction infection and loss rates - time to act

LIBRA: What is the impact of implant loss?
Dr Bere Mahoney and Prof Eleanor Bradley
What can we do better? Introducing a Surgical Site Infection Bundle
Rachel Tillett
Baroness Delyth Morgan
Culture change: Next steps for ABS members
Mr Ashu Gandhi
Unacceptable variation in implant loss rates: The i-Bra data
Miss Shelley Potter
Getting it Right First Time: Breast Reconstruction (England) 2014-17
Miss Fiona MacNeill

Lunchtime Session: ABS Nurse Members Meeting

Post-Paterson: A nursing Perspective
Mr Mark Sibbering
Bullying and undermining in the workplace: Evidence that it affects our patients
Miss Leena Chagla

Session 5: Prize Papers

HER-2 positive early breast cancer detected through the NHS Breast Screening Programme (NHSBSP)
Ian Boon
5 years of prepectoral breast reconstruction: outcomes and lessons learnt
Gareth Irwin

A ‘best-practice’ pathway for the acute management of mastitis and breast abscess enables non-specialists to “get it right first time”
Neil Patani

Does immediate breast reconstruction delay the delivery of adjuvant treatment? The iBRA-2 prospective multicentre cohort study
Rachel O’Connell
No difference in oncological outcomes after immediate or delayed reconstruction following mastectomy for breast cancer
Elizabeth Morrow
Extrinsic clotting pathway markers predict survival in early breast cancer
Hudhaifah Shaker
Can surgery be avoided in select breast cancer patients with complete radiological response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy?
Anuradha Apte
A new dedicated Welsh online breast cancer predictive tool: CaFro
Leen Intabli

Poster Prize Session

Session 6: Invited Lecture

De-escalation of oncoplastic surgery
Dr Giuseppe Catanuto

Session 7

Quantative analysis of breast morphology
Dr Giuseppe Catanuto
Mastopexy: Pitfalls and how to avoid them
Joe O’Donoghue
Dealing with complications and unhappy patients
Mr Simon Smith
Implant Registry Update
Mr Graeme Perks

Session 8: Society of Irish Breast Surgeons’ Session: Young Women with Breast Cancer

Young women with breast cancer - outcomes and considerations
Mr Siun Walsh
The greater the risk the greater the reward: The speculation of resources in breast cancer care
Mr Mark Corrigan
Breast Cancer Surgery in young women
Prof Michael Kerin

Session 9: Submitted Papers

Neo-adjuvant versus adjuvant chemotherapy in early breast cancer: EBCTCG patient-level meta-analysis of long-term outcomes among 4756 women in 10 randomised trials
Paul McGale
A systematic review of the impact of breast conserving surgery on cancer outcomes of multiple ipsilateral breast cancers (MIBC) - the case for a randomised trial
Zoe Winters
Indocyanine green (ICG) fluorescence mapping for sentinel lymph node (SLN) localisation in early breast cancer
Sujit Gnanakumar
Utility of One-Step Nucleic Acid (OSNA) cytokeratin-19 amplification assay total tumour load (TTL) in survival prediction in primary operable invasive breast carcinoma
Nour Al-shurbasi
Chemotherapy utilisation in patients aged 50 years and over, diagnosed with invasive early breast cancer in England: Data from a population-based cohort
Melissa Gannon
Outcomes of intraoperative versus pre-operative ultrasound localisation of impalpable breast lesions in the Cambridge Breast Unit
Primeera Wignarajah
Enhanced pre-operative assessment of the axilla with grey-scale and contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) may characterise a group of patients who can safely omit axillary surgery
Karina Cox
Neoadjuvant endocrine therapy; effect on phenotype and molecular profile in luminal breast carcinoma
Nahla Badr

Session 10: Clinical Practise and Standards Session

Defining the standards of care for breast cancer in the over 70s: An update from the National Audit of Breast Cancer in Older Patients
Prof Kieran Horgan
NHS BSP & ABS Audit of Screen Detected Breast Cancers 2016-17 & Surgical KPIs
Mr Ashu Gandhi
Standardization of oncoplastic breast conserving surgery
Prof Walter Weber
Team Study
Ms Shelley Potter

Session 11: Hot topics 1

De-escalation of breast and axillary surgery
Dr Henry Kuerer
Genomic profiling in clinical practise
Prof Mitch Dowsett
Advances in immunotherapy
Dr Peter Schmid

Session 12: Living with and beyond breast cancer – taking the strategy forward

Risk Stratification in practise
Dr Liz Cox
Risk Stratification/Survivorship Overview
Mr Steven Thrush
Recovery package and Stratified follow-up for early breast cancer patients at UCLH
Ms Alia Nizam and Ms Avril van der Loo

Session 13: Trial Recruitment - Everyone's Responsibility

Trial Recruitment: A Team Game
Mrs Glenda Paget
Every patient deserves to be offered a clinical trial
Mrs Hilary Stobart
What explains the differences in trial recruitment between regions and units
Dr Daniel Rea
Integrating trial recruitment into everyday clinical practise: What can we learn from other specialities
Mr Simon Bach
Starting trial recruitment, what are the first steps?
Prof Chris Holcombe

Session 14: Submitted Papers

International validation of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer QLQ-BRECON23 quality-of-life questionnaire for women undergoing breast reconstruction
Zoe Winters
Characteristics and outcomes of older women with breast cancer undergoing breast reconstruction: Analysis of the Age Gap Trial
Irene Athanasiou
Sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) in clinically node negative early breast cancer: A publication-level meta-analysis
Gurdeep Mannu
Rates of local recurrence following skin-sparing mastectomy for breast cancer
Dorin Dumitru
The effect of clinical and tumour factors on prognosis after contralateral breast cancer (CBC) in Northern Ireland (NI)
Colin McIlmunn
Internal mammary nodes in DIEP reconstruction: Do they matter?
Tania Policastro
Treatment patterns for unilateral, non-invasive breast cancer in women diagnosed in England: Data from a population-based cohort
Yasmin Jauhari
Validation of a nomogram using readily available clinicopathologic variables to predict Oncotype DX score in the preoperative settin
Roisin O’Cearbhaill

Session 15: Clinical Leadership

Compassionate and resilient leaders - They don’t just pay lip service to a cause, they make a promise, act on it and keep it
Dr Wynne Thomas
Nursing leadership to improve patient outcomes and experience, and staff experience
Dr Shelley Dolan
Perspectives on moving into leadership roles
Miss Sisse Olsen

Session 16: Neoadjuvant chemotherapy: Addressing the myths

Is complete pathological response related to improved survival
Prof Michael Untch
Does neoadjuvant chemotherapy allow more breast and axillary conservation surgery?
Prof Michael Dixon
Can neoadjuvant results be translated to the adjuvant setting?
Dr Mark Harries

Session 18: Invited Lecture

Challenges of surgery in locally advanced breast cancer: Stretching beyond limits
Prof Diptendra Sarkar

Session 19: EJSO Lecture

Stress and Burnout in Medical professionals
Dr Henry Kuerer

Session 20: Hormones and Breast Cancer

HRT and Breast Cancer: Its use before and after diagnosis
Miss Jo Marsden
The management of oestrogen deficiency in breast cancer survivors
Mr Michael Marsh
HRT – misconceptions, risks and benefits Contraception choices after diagnosis
Mr Michael Cust

Session 21: Hot Topics 2

Using behavioural economics in health: Cancer screening and beyond
Ms Sarah Huf
Restrictions on breast reconstruction services in England – research from Breast Cancer Now
Ms Sally Greenbrook
Bisphosphonates – for whom and for how long?
Prof John Benson
Get ready for GiRFT
Miss Tracey Irvine

Session 22: Submitted Papers

Get ready for GiRFT Targeted axillary lymph node dissection improves the accuracy of axillary assessment
Deyana Oweis
Exploring the effects of an exercise programme on women with breast cancer
Ruth McCrea
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy and surgical planning: Survey of practice, attitudes and opinions around the UK
Siobhan Laws
Evaluation of the Breast Cancer Haven support service embedded within a NHS breast unit
Caroline Hoffman
The role of pectoral nerve (Pecs) blocks in a day case mastectomy service
Ashleigh Bell
An audit of referral patterns to a Breast New Referral Clinic
Susie Laking
Preference for Quality of Life versus Length of Life in older women making treatment decisions in early breast cancer
Anna Shrestha
Relieving the pain of the New Referral Clinic
Lisa Sawyers