ABS Conference 2016

16th & 17th May 2016, Manchester Central

Session 1: Risk adapted radiotherapy

Timing of post-mastectomy radiation therapy in relation to breast reconstruction
​Prof Philip ​Poortmans
IORT: An update
Prof Michael Douek
In which patients can radiotherapy be omitted?
Dr Charlotte Coles
Optimising radiotherapy after neoaduvant chemotherapy
Dr Andreas Makris
Marking the axilla after axillary dissection
Mr Charlie Chan

Session 2: Nurse Practitioner roles

The role of the Surgical Nurse Practitioner
Mrs Fiona Rabson
Documentation and legal issues
Ms Lis Grimsey

Session 3: Submitted papers

Submitted papers – Members only
Submitted papers – Open area

Session 4: Delivering a quality service in today’s NHS

The relationship of earlier presentation of symptomatic breast cancer to outcomes
Dr John Graham
“Getting it right first time”: Lessons to be learned
Professor Tim Briggs
Solitary Halt Visit – Redefining the Breast One Stop Clinic; for who, when and how?
Miss Maria Bramley
ABS' Response
Miss Fiona MacNeill

Session 5: BJS Papers

Submitted Papers - Open Area

Session 6: Inflammatory breast cancer:

Why is there a need for an inflammatory breast cancer initiative?
Miss Adele Francis
Standardisation of the management of inflammatory breast cancer
Mr Daniel Rea
Inflammatory breast cancer pathology and tissue banking
Prof Andrew Hanby
National audit of inflammatory breast cancer
Dr Ellen Copson

Session 7: EJSO Lecture

Post mastectomy radiotherapy: Do we have all the answers?
Prof Philip Poortmans

Session 8: Aesthetic Breast Surgery

ABS and BSBR imaging guidelines
Ms Mandana Pennick
Imaging of breast implants
Dr Alan Redman
Management of late implant seromas
Mr Joe O’Donoghue
Cosmetic Surgery Certification: What you need to know?
Prof Philip Drew

Session 9: Submitted Papers

Submitted papers – Members only
Submitted papers – Open area

Session 10: Research - where does surgery fit?

Breast Cancer Now research strategy
Dr Simon Vincent
iBRA Study update
Miss Shelley Potter
ABS Research Grant update
Mr George Boundouki
ABS Research Grant update (1)
Mr Muneer Ahmed
ABS Research Grant update (2)
Mr Daniel Leff
ABS Research Grant update (3)
Miss Sarah Huf
Debate: Surgeons should stick to surgical research For:
Prof Michael Douek
Debate: Surgeons should stick to surgical research Against:
Miss Cliona Kirwan

Session 11: NHS BSP & ABS Breast Screening Audit Session

Breast Screening Quality Assurance – new processes
Mrs Olive Kearins
NHS Breast Screening Programme – new standards
Mrs Jacquie Jenkins
Disclosure of audit and duty of candour in breast screening
Dr Eleanor Cornford
NHS BSP & ABS Audit of screen detected cancers 14-15
Mr Mark Sibbering
The future of NHS BSP & ABS Audit of screen-detected breast cancers
Mr Ashu Gandhi
The future of NHS BSP & ABS Audit of screen-detected breast cancers (1)
Prof David Dodwell

Session 12: Altered Body Image

Flat friends: The patient’s perspective
Ms Gillian Cant
The choice to live flat without reconstruction: Patients’, Nurses’ and surgical choice
Mr Ash Subramanian
The long term experience of risk reducing mastectomy for BRCA positive women, husbands and relatives
Mrs Nicky West
Perspectives on breast surgery in gender reassignment patients
Dr John Dean
Perspectives on breast surgery in gender reassignment patients (1)
Mrs Sarah Zee

Session 13: Fertility preservation in breast cancer patients

Dr Alison Jones
Fertility options for patients with breast cancer – balancing hope and realistic expectation
Mr Stuart Lavery
Breast Cancer Care Fertility Toolkit
Ms Grete Brauten-Smith
Case Studies
Dr Catherine Harper-Wynne

Session 14: Submitted Papers

Submitted papers – Members only
Submitted papers – Open area

Session 15: Mammary Fold Session

The future of general surgery
Miss Julie Doughty
TIG fellowship curriculum update: What effect will the changes have?
Mr Iain Mackay
Breast fellowship training in the US
Dr Monica Morrow
From surgeon to patient: Lessons learned
Miss Elizabeth Ball

Session 16: Invited Lecture

Breast Screening: Past, present and future
Prof Julietta Patnick

Session 17: Focus On: Familial Breast Cancer

Genetic testing in familial breast cancer: BRCA, panel and SNP testing
Prof Gareth Evans
The medical management of the high risk patient
Dr Sacha Howell
The role of clinical psychology in the family history team
Dr Julie Wisely
Risk reducing mastectomy in high-risk women
Mr Gerald Gui

Session 18: Hot topics, trials and audits

What has the Sloane Project achieved and where to now?
Prof David Dodwell
MasDA - A collaborative approach to understanding why mastectomies are performed in the UK
Mrs Jagdeep Singh
ABS badged trials update
Prof Malcolm Reed
Patient reported outcomes: Oncoplastic breast conserving surgery versus mastectomy and reconstruction
Dr Jennett Kelsall

Session 19: Poster Prize Session

Poster prize session – Members only
Poster prize session – Open area

Session 20: BJS Lecture

Local therapy: When is less more?
Dr Monica Morrow

Session 21: Challenges following oncoplastic procedures

Tips & tricks: The management of implant infection
Mr John Scott
Cancer recurrence following breast reconstruction
Mr Ashu Gandhi
Lessons learned after 6 years of ADM assisted breast reconstruction
Mr Richard Johnson
Consent in oncoplastic procedures
Mr Richard Sutton
Avoiding litigation in oncoplastic procedures
Mr Tim Davidson

Session 22: More hot topics

Bisphosphonates/ denosumab for the treatment of early breast cancer: Do they increase survival?
Dr Andreas Makris
Immunotherapy for surgeons
Dr David Miles
Iodine seed localisation
Mr Adam Critchley
Neoadjuvant radiotherapy prior to mastectomy and immediate autologous reconstruction
Mr Dimitri Hadjiminas