3rd ABS Multidisciplinary Meeting

18th January 2016, QEII Centre, London

The Management of Breast Cancer in the Older Patient

Miss Fiona MacNeill
Baroness Delyth Morgan
The patient’s perspective
Mrs Dorothy Clark
European perspectives
Dr Matti Aapro
Age extension nationwide randomised trial
Prof Sir Richard Peto
HQIP Audit update
Mr Kieran Horgan
Panel Discussion 1
Chemotherapy decision making
Dr Alistair Ring
The evidence from the CALGB trial
Dr Hyman Muss
Efficacy of adjuvant treatment in the over 70s
Prof Sir Richard Peto
Decision making for radiotherapy in the older patient
Dr Carolyn Taylor
Omission of radiotherapy: Evidence from the PRIME 2 trial
Prof Ian Kunkler
Panel Discussion 2
Role of the geriatrician in decision making
Prof Margot Gosney
Patient frailty: The elephant in the operating room
Dr Patrick Doyle
Nursing issues for the older breast cancer patient
Dr Victoria Harmer
Breast reconstruction in the older patient: Is it appropriate?
Mr Simon Wood
Panel Discussion 3
Miss Fiona MacNeill