ABS Conference 2015

15th & 16th June 2015, Bournemouth International Centre

Session 1: The evolving epidemiology of breast cancer

The changing face of global breast cancer epidemiology
Miss Toral Gathani
Is breast cancer in Pakistan different?
Dr Rufina Soomro
Modifying life style to modulate breast cancer risk
Miss Sheila Stallard

Session 2: Submitted Papers

Submitted papers

Session 3: Consensus on margins in breast conservation

Mr Kieran Horgan
What are margins and how are they measured?
Prof Ian Ellis
Literature review: Margins for invasive cancer
Prof John Robertson
USA/ASCO practice and guidelines
Dr Hiram Cody III
EUSOMA guidelines on margins in conservation surgery
Prof Robert Mansel
Summary of consensus opinion
Mr Kieran Horgan

Session 4: BJS Papers

BJS Papers - Members Only
BJS Papers - Open Area

Session 5: The challenges of being a Breast Care Nurse Specialist in the NHS today

Promoting our role
Mrs Nicky West
Working smarter
Mrs Dany Bell
Business cases and how to be creative with money
Mrs Nikki Snuggs
How stressed are we? Results of a survey of BCNs on the south coast
Dr Val Jenkin
Managing our stress
Mrs Karen Aylward

Session 6: BJS Lecture

Axillary node staging: the beginning of the end
Dr Hiram Cody III

Session 7: Aesthetic Breast Surgery

ABS Aesthetic Breast Surgery Working Group update
Mr Lee Martin
The role of the RCS Cosmetic Surgery Interspecialty Committee
Prof Philip Drew
Vertical breast reduction: The 10 Crucial Steps
Mr Frank Lista
Principles of augmentation surgery
Mr Simon Smith

Session 8: Supporting patients with mental health issues

Mental health problems in patients with cancer
Dr Alex Mitchell
Breast Screening for patients with learning disabilities
Mrs Elli Purser
Dementia and the cancer patient
Mrs Amanda King

Session 9: The future of breast surgery: Research insights

How many breast cancers are cured by surgery alone?
Miss Adele Francis
The role of surgery in the personalised treatment of breast cancer
Prof Michael Kerin

Session 10: NHS BSP & ABS Breast Screening Audit Session

Future Quality Assurance of the NHS Breast Screening Programme
Dr Sue Cohen
NHS BSP & ABS Audit of Screen Detected Breast Cancers 2013 – 14

Session 11: Is Mastectomy the only answer?

Biology of multifocal and multicentric breast cancer
Dr Rahul Deb
What is the best surgical approach for multifocal breast cancer?
Mr Ramsey Cutress
The rationale for a new clinical trial in the treatment of multiple ipsilateral breast cancers
Miss Zoë Winters
Is breast conservation safe after previous wide local excision and radiotherapy?
Prof Paolo Veronesi
Presentation and surgical approach to Paget’s Disease
Prof Andrew Spillane

Session 12: Submitted Papers

Submitted papers - Members
Submitted papers - Open Area

Session 13: Surgery for Metastatic Disease

What is the natural history of metastatic disease?
Prof Peter Schmid
The surgical management of sternal metastases
Mr Simon Jordan
The surgical management of brain metastases
Mr David Peterson
Breast and axillary surgery for patient with metastatic disease
Ms Siobhan Laws
What does the Indian and Turkish trial data add?
Dr Iain MacPherson

Session 14: Is breast cancer treatment standardised in the UK?

Why do variations in treatment occur?
Prof Malcolm Reed
Endocrine treatment for DCIS: Is it standardised?
Prof David Dodwell
Implementing Oncotype DX across the UK: Lessons from the North West
Prof Nigel Bundred

Session 15: Mammary Fold Session

What does an Oncoplastic TIG Fellowship add to breast training?
Miss Anne Tansley
An update from the JCST
Mr William Allum
My overseas experience using an ABS Educational Fellowship
Miss Toral Gathani
Learning from breast management litigation
Mr David Skidmore
UEA Masters Course: What’s in it for me?
Miss Julie Doughty & Mr Simon Hawkins
Changing the shape of surgical training
Miss Clare Marx

Session 16: Roger Blamey Memorial Session

Prognostic Evaluation of Breast Cancer – Roger Blamey’s impact
Prof Ian Ellis

Session 17: Accountability & Outcomes

Measuring beauty, joy and sorrow
Miss Clare Marx
Operating room efficiency: The need for speed
Mr Frank Lista

Session 18: Are MDTs worth it?

What is the duty of care of the MDT?
Dr Dorothy Goddard
Understanding and improving the cancer MDT: A human factors and teamwork analysis
Miss Tasha Gandamihardja
What is the value of the MDT?
Mr Simon Cawthorn

Session 19: Poster Prize Session

Poster presentations

Session 20: EJSO Lecture

Neoadjuvant therapy of breast cancer: Timing matters
Dr Lisa Carey

Session 21: Interval Cancers

Interval cancers: The bare facts
Dr Eleanor Cornford
Nursing support for patients
Ms Gillian Bowman
What are our medico-legal obligations?
Dr Michael Michell
Interval cancers: Should they change our practice?
Dr Louise Wilkinson

Session 22: Submitted Papers

Submitted papers - Open Area
Submitted papers - Members Only