2nd ABS Multidisciplinary Meeting

26th January 2015, Hotel Russell, London

Session 1

Introduction and proposal of the consensus statement
​Mr Kieran Horgan
Overview of the evidence to change traditional practice
Prof Armando Giuliano
Limitations of the evidence
Prof John Robertson
International Guidelines: ASCO
Prof Armando Giuliano
International Guidelines: EUSOMA
​Prof Robert Mansel
Panel Discussion

Session 2

Standardising axillary imaging in 2015
Dr Nisha Sharma
What should be the subsequent management of the ​​pre-operatively diagnosed malignant axilla?
Mr Michael Douek
Pathological assessment of the sentinel lymph node
Prof Sarah Pinder
What is the role of intraoperative nodal assessment​​ in the era of less aggressive axillary management
Mr Mark Kissin
Panel Discussion

Session 3

Who gets chemotherapy? Tumour biology is more useful than total nodal burden
Dr Nicholas Turner
In 2015 is total nodal burden still relevant for radiotherapy decision making
​Dr Charlotte Coles
Should treatment of the axilla be surgical or with radiotherapy?
​Prof Robert Mansel
Panel Discussion

Session 4

Clinical scenarios
Mrs Jane Ooi
Summary of the day and agreement of the consensus statement
Mr Kieran Horgan