ABS Conference 2014

19th & 20th May 2014, ACC Liverpool

Session 1: BJS Prize Session

BJS Prize Papers - Open
BJS Prize Papers
Members Only

Session 2: Survivorship

Assessing the needs of cancer survivor
Dr Jo Armes
Lifestyle and exercise
Dr Michelle Harvie
New developments in lymphoedema management
Mr Dominic Furniss

Session 3: Addressing Overtreatment

The Sloane Project & the Independent Breast Screening Review: Addressing overtreatment
Miss Adele Francis
Observational data: Sloane & Forget Me Not
Dr Tony Maxwell
The need for a DCIS overtreatment trial: LORIS
Dr Matthew Wallis
Is it time to stop operating on breast cancer patients with pathological complete response after NACT
Dr Daniel Rea
Prof Michael Dixon

Session 4: Management of breast cancer in the older patient: Age is just a number

Should the surgical decision tree be different for the older patient?
Prof Malcolm Reed
What is best in reconstructive surgery for the older patient?
Mr John Scott
Update on CALGB 9343 and PRIME Trials
Prof Ian Kunkler
Should more adjuvant chemotherapy be used in the older patient in the UK?
Prof Robert Leonard
Bridging the Age Gap Trial
Miss Lynda Wyld

Session 5: New technologies and techniques

Intraoperative radiotherapy techniques
Dr Imogen Locke
3D imaging of the breast
Dr Nisha Sharma
The microbubble technique for sentinel lymph node biopsy
Ms Karina Cox
Novel intra-operative image-guided surgery using Terahertz and Cherenkov Luminescence Imaging
Prof Arnie Purushotham

Session 6: Submitted Papers

Submitted Papers - Open
Submitted papers - Members Only

Session 7: BJS Lecture

Local-regional therapy in the setting of neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Prof Kelly Hunt

Session 8: Moving forward with familial breast cancer

NICE Familial Breast Cancer Guidelines 2013 - What’s new?
Mrs Amanda Taylor
NICE Guidelines: implications for genetic testing
Dr Lynn Greenhalgh
How should surgeons interpret and deliver genetic test results?
Miss Fiona MacNeill
Imaging implications for putting the NICE guidelines into place
Dr Louise Wilkinson
Nurse specialist led family history clinic services
Miss Lis Grimsey

Session 9: Clinical research and professional development

Why do we need academic rigour in our training and clinical life?
Prof Arnie Purushotham
When is ‘different’ a real difference? A talk for Surgeons
Dr Gill Lawrence
Variable evidential standards in the management of early breast cancer
Prof David Dodwell
What’s new in breast cancer research?
Prof Michael Kerin
ABS online CPD courses
Mr Ramsey Cutress

Session 10: Oncoplastic breast surgery

Experience of implant based reconstructions with and without ADMs
Mr Gerald Gui
Revisional reconstruction
Mr Lee Martin
Symmetrisation case studies

Session 11: Nursing hot topics and submitted papers

Submitted papers
Surgical issues after neo-adjuvant chemotherapy
Miss Fiona MacNeill
Extended adjuvant therapy in 2014
Miss Elizabeth Redmond
Tailoring treatment of early stage invasive breast cancer to the patient
Dr Isobel Greenfield
Prof Michael Dixon

Session 12: Submitted Papers

Submitted papers - Open
Submitted papers - Members Only

Session 13: Individual surgical performance & breast cancer audits

Individual surgeon level data
Mr Dick Rainsbury
New data collection systems
Mr Kieran Horgan
The Kennedy Report – our responsibilities
Mr Mark Sibbering
NHS BSP & ABS Breast Screening Audit
Mr Mark Sibbering & Dr Gill Lawrence

Session 14: Putting learning into nursing practice

Assessing the elderly for treatment
Prof Malcolm Reed
Living into old age with the consequences of breast cancer
Dr Debbie Fenlon
Genetics: assessing risk and risk reducing surgery
Dr Tara Clancy
Ms Jo Marsden
Screening issues for high risk patients
Mrs Sue Holcombe

Session 15: Mammary Fold Session

Curriculum update
Miss Fiona MacNeill
RCS England Surgical Trials Centre
Prof Nigel Bundred
What is the potential in an oncoplastic career
Miss Rachel Tillett
What does ‘being General Surgery competent’ offer the future breast surgeon?
Prof Michael Kerin
Risk reducing surgery
Prof Kelly Hunt

Session 16: Biological factors in breast cancer behaviour and treatment

Tool for predicting long term recurrence
Prof Michael Knauer
Insights into the long term treatment of recurrent ER+ Breast Cancer
Dr Daniel Rea
Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Prof Peter Schmid
The role of bisphosphonates as anticancer agents
Prof Rob Coleman

Session 17: The reality behind information giving and treatment choice

The Surgeon: fireman or counsellor? Decision making and choice when patients are in mortal danger
Prof Peter Salmon
The Reality behind Information Giving and Choice
Prof Chris Holcombe
Giving the right information to enable the patient to make a choice
Mrs Sue Holcombe
The European PICTURE Project
Prof Mo Keshtgar

Session 18: Commissioning, tariffs and coding explained

Demystifying breast commissioning
Dr Kate Haire
The national tariff, coding and data collection
Mr Steven Francis
HRG4+ coding update
Mr Sheikh Ahmad
Satisfying the commissioners
Ms Nicola Allen

Session 19: EJSO Lecture

Is there an increasing role for PET-CT scanning in the management of breast cancer?
Prof Emiel Rutgers

Session 21: Update on axillary management

Amaros results and their clinical consequences
Prof Emiel Rutgers
Z0011 and the impact on the management of early stage breast cancer
Prof Kelly Hunt
POSNOC update
Mr Amit Goyal
ABS membership’s view on axillary management
Mr Kieran Horgan

Session 22: Poster Prize Session

Submitted poster presentations
Submitted poster presentations - Members Only