ABS Conference 2013

21st & 22nd May 2013, Manchester Central Convention Complex

Session 1: BJS Prize Papers

BJS Prize Papers

Session 2: Survivorship

Managing Chronic Pain
Mrs Rachel Rawson
Intimacy after breast cancer
Miss Victoria Harmer
Cognitive behavioural therapy for managing hot flushes
Prof Myra Hunter
Treatment of menopausal endocrine therapy related side effects
Prof Michael Dixon

Session 4: Breast Cancer Screening

The independent review of breast cancer screening
Prof John Dewar
Breast screening: how can we as surgeons improve the programme?
Prof Michael Dixon
Pathology and risk of B3 breast lesions
Dr Rahul Deb
UK management of B3 breast lesions
Dr Nisha Sharma
Intact percutaneous excision of high risk breast lesions
Dr Pat Whitworth

Session 5: Mammary Fold Session

Multidisciplinary breast surgery fellowships at Mayo Clinic
Dr Judy Boughey

Session 7: Axilla

BJS Lecture
Dr Judy Boughey

Session 8: Partial Breast Radiotherapy

Different techniques and the current evidence
Prof John Dewar
TARGIT trial results update
Mr Mo Keshtgar
The radiation oncologist’s view
Prof David Dodwell
The surgeon’s view
Prof John Benson

Session 9

Breast Screening – the controversy: How can BCNs help support women in their decision making?
Mrs Margaret Casey
Telephoning benign results – unit’s experience
Mrs Claire Bailey

Session 11

Bilateral risk reducing mastectomy - the evidence
Dr Judy Boughey
Bilateral risk reducing mastectomy – technical aspects
Mr Douglas Macmillan
Bilateral risk reducing mastectomy – the Manchester experience
Prof Andrew Baildam
Breast cancer management in women at high familial risk
Mr Mark Sibbering
The current evidence for breast cancer prevention in women at increased risk
Prof Norman Wolmark

Session 12

Writing a successful grant Application
Prof Robert Mansel
Setting up a clinical trial
Prof Alastair Thompson
What’s new in breast cancer research – highlights from 2012 – 2013
Prof Michael Kerin
The Breast Cancer Campaign tissue
Prof Valerie Speirs
Future surgical input into breast cancer research
Prof John Robertson

Session 14

NHS BSP in the restructured NHS
Prof Julietta Patnick
Breast Cancer Audit Presentation
Dr Gill Lawrence

Session 15

Implant based breast reconstruction current indications & concerns
Mr Dick Rainsbury
Oncoplastic guidelines for ADMs in breast reconstruction
Mr Lee Martin
Experiences and indications for breast reconstruction using ADMs
Mr Richard Johnson
Experiences and indications for myodermal flap based breast reconstruction
Ms Pilar Matey
Implant based breast reconstruction using a titanium-coated polypropylene mesh
Dr Stephan Paepke
Submuscular tissue expansion – a good option
Prof Andrew Baildam
ABS/ BAPRAS audit of implant reconstruction using ADMs and other new techniques
Mr Steven Thrush

Session 16

Hormonal treatment of breast cancer: translating science into treatment
Prof Mitch Dowsett

Session 17

Has the time come for a national protocol for managing surgical excision margins?
Prof Robert Mansel
Preserving oncological principles in the oncoplastic era
Mr Douglas Macmillan
Interactive oncoplastic case discussion

Session 18

Submitted papers

Session 20

Extending adjuvant endocrine treatment
Prof John Forbes

Session 21

Use of gene expression profiling
Prof Norman Wolmark
Prof Mitch Dowsett
Systemic adjuvant therapy decision making in 2013 – the Oncologist’s view
Dr Mark Harries
Panel discussion and interactive cases

Session 22

Poster presentations