ABS Conference 2012

21st & 22nd May 2012, Bournemouth International Centre

Session 1: BJS Prize Papers

BJS Prize Papers

Session 2: Patient Information and Support

End of treatment assessments and treatment summaries
Miss Amanda Shewbridge
Intra-operative analysis: How do support the patient?
Dr Carmel Sheppard

Session 4: Management of the positive sentinel node

Are the ACOSOG Z0011 trial results transferrable outside North America?
Prof Lori Pierce
UK radiotherapy protocols
Prof David Dodwell
Current management of the axilla in the UK: Audit Data
Dr Gill Lawrence & Mr Neil Rothnie
Do we need another trial or a change in practice?
Prof Michael Dixon

Session 5: BJS Lecture

Breast conserving therapy in BRCA 1/2 gene mutation carriers
Prof Lori Pierce

Session 6: Breast Cancer in Young Women

Breast cancer epidemiology and risk factors in young women
Prof Peter Boyle
Pathology and biology of breast cancer in young women
Prof Louise Jones
Breast cancer treatment issues Specific to young women: Premature menopause, fertility Issues and diagnosis during pregnancy
Prof Alison Jones
Breast reconstruction: Why should we delay?
Prof Michael Kerin

Session 7: Mammary Fold Session

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery in Italy
Prof Maurizio Nava
Breast reduction surgery: Tips and markings
Mr Douglas Macmillan

Session 9: Surgical Practice - Guidelines and Audit

New oncoplastic guidelines
Mr Dick Rainsbury
Lipomodelling guidelines
Mr Lee Martin
Sloane Project Update
Prof Alastair Thompson
Recurrent and metastatic breast cancer data collection pilot project
Mr Martin Lee
ABS audits update
Dr Gill Lawrence

Session 10: Caring for patients with secondary breast cancer

Addressing the unmet needs in women with metastatic breast cancer
Miss Liz Reed
The role of the secondary breast cancer clinical nurse specialist
Mrs Melissa Warren

Session 12: Oncoplastic Surgical Training

MS in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery update
Prof Jerome Pereira
10 years of the Oncoplastic Fellowships
Ms Anne Tansley
Specialist breast surgical training - is it dead?
Miss Fiona MacNeill
New oncoplastic breast surgery curriculum development: Plastic surgery
Ms Vivien Lees
Mr Dick Rainsbury (For)
Debate (1)
Mr John Black (Against)
Debate (2)
Ms Elaine Sassoon (Against)

Session 13: Breast Cancer Audit

Update on the independent review of the NHS BSP
Prof Julietta Patnick
Analysis of breast cancer audit data
Dr Gill Lawrence & Prof Michael Dixon

Session 14: Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment

Are we carrying out too many mastectomies?
Prof Michael Dixon
Should we be offering contralateral mastectomy?
Miss Fiona MacNeill
Who should we manage LCIS?
Mrs Katy Hogben

Session 15: Poster Presentation Session

Oral presentation of the best 10 posters

Session 16: EJSO Lecture

Radiotherapy and implant based breast reconstruction: Are they compatible?
Prof Maurizio Nava

Session 17: The Changing Role of the Breast Care Nurse

Background to the debate
Miss Amanda Shewbridge
Ms Rachel Ower (For)
Debate (1)
Ms Julia Lambert (For)
Debate (2)
Mrs Joanna Rowley (Against)
Debate (3)
Mrs Veronica Rogers (Against)

Session 18: Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Goldilocks Mastectomy
Dr Heather Richardson
Bilateral therapeutic mammoplasty
Mr Douglas Macmillan
Are oncoplastic techniques putting breast cancer patients at increased risk of recurrence?
Miss Julie Doughty