ABS Conference 2011

16th and 17th May 2011, Manchester Central Convention Complex

Session 1: BJS Prize Papers

BJS Prize Papers

Session 2: New Developments: Molecular Targeting of Breast Cancer

Understanding molecular targeting and receptors
Dr Rahul Deb
Molecular targeting of breast cancer: Current treatments and trials
Prof Nigel Bundred

Session 3: Symposium - Surgical Cancer Care

Current practice
Dr Gill Lawrence / Mr Mark Sibbering
DCIS: Are we over treating the axilla? Results from the NHS BSP Audit and the Sloane Project
Mr Stewart Nicholson
Sentinel Node Biopsy: The current evidence
Prof Monica Morrow

Session 4: Debate: 23 hour discharge of breast cancer patients is a significant improvement in patient care


Session 5: European Journal of Surgical Oncology Lecture

Breast Cancer Surgery in Australia and New Zealand
Mr James Kollias

Session 6: BresDex

The background to BresDex
Ms Lisa Caldon
What is BresDex?
Mrs Veronica Rogers
How did we do it? Design & development of BresDex
Ms Stephanie Sivell
Patient experience of being faced with the decision and using BresDex
Mrs Eleri Hurt
The impact of BresDex
Ms Stephanie Sivell

Session 7: Breast Cancer Audits: Outliers in surgery

Breast Surg ANZ National Breast Cancer Audit: Standards Assessment Process
Mr James Kollias
UK Breast Cancer Audits: Outliers in Surgery
Neil Rothnie

Session 8: Operative Video Interactive Case Discussions

Case Discussions
Mr John Scott, Mr Lee Martin, Ms Katy Hogben

Session 9: Managing Survivorship

Breast Care Nurse Follow Up
Ms Lesley Thomson
Normalising Life after Breast Cancer
Miss Samantha Ingham
Preparing for and continuing after surgery
Ms Karen Livingstone
Addressing and working with relational issues
Ms Anne Cawthorn

Session 10: Decision Making Tools

Prof Malcolm Reed
Prof Gordon Wishart
Prediction of chemotherapy response based on genomic information
Dr Sabine Linn

Session 11: Poster Presentation Session

Oral presentations of the best 12 posters

Session 12: Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, Training and Education

NMBRA - 4th Annual Report
Mr Ranjeet Jeevan
NMBRA: Achievements and challenges
Mr Dick Rainsbury
Daycase/ 23 hour breast surgery
Ms Angie Robinson
MS in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery: Early experience & Trainee feedback
Prof Jerome Pereira
Subspecialisation and Training Update
Ms Fiona MacNeill

Parallel Session 13: Breast Cancer Audit Data

Analysis of Breast Cancer Audit Data
Dr Gill Lawrence

Session 14: The National Cancer Intelligence Network

CIN Update
Mrs Di Riley

Session 15: Mammary Fold Symposium

Surgical Training in Australia
Mr James Kollias
Breast Cancer Trials Update
Miss Julie Doughty
Autologous Fat Transfer
Miss Mille Bello

Session 16: Breast Cancer Research

The future design of research studies evaluating surgical treatments
Miss Zoe Winters
Low Grade DCIS Trial Proposal
Miss Adele Francis
POETIC Trial Update
Prof Ian Smith

Session 17: British Journal of Surgery Lecture

Current indications and assessments of response to Neoadjuvant breast cancer treatment
Prof Monica Morrow

Session 18: Neoadjuvant Treatment

Neoadjuvant HER - 2 Directed Therapy
Dr Luca Gianni