ABS Overseas Courses Badging

ABS Badging of Overseas Educational Courses

Application process

ABS wish to support members who would like to develop educational courses for the benefit of its members or International colleagues wanting to improve the management of breast disease in their community relevant to their local or national requirements.


Please submit an application to the ABS Education & Training Committee Chair outlining:

  1. The content and learning objectives of the course
  2. Draft programme of the course
  3. Targeted audience skill level (range)
  4. Proposed Faculty members
  5. Proposed budget including commercial sponsorship intentions
  6. Proposed feedback process
  7. CPD availability
  8. Previous feedback from earlier courses (if available)
  9. Course material available


If the ABS Education and Training committee agree that the submission is appropriate, the committee will submit the proposal to the ABS Trustees for consideration.

The ABS Education and Training committee will be responsible for advising on the course content in the interest of its members or for the appropriate local need of the course before Trustee approval.

If agreed by the ABS Trustees, the Education and Training committee will offer advice to the Course Directors to deliver the course in an appropriate way.

The Course Directors have full responsibility to administrate, and financially deliver the course with no financial or administrative dependence on ABS.

ABS will not be responsible for any financial shortfall for an approved course which remains the responsibility of the Course Directors.

ABS will promote the approved course through its website, newsletters and membership updates.

ABS will allow the Course Directors to use ABS logo badging to the Course materials.

CPD accreditation cannot be delivered by ABS.


Courses not approved by the process outlined above will not be advertised or promoted by ABS.