3 Oct 2020

Webinar: The Importance of Patient Advocacy in Breast Cancer Surgery

This webinar will be held on 3rd October, 17:00 pm UK time, 18:00 CET, CAT, 19:00 EET

This will be in collaboration with the Breast Advocate. In this webinar Liz O'Riordan (England, UK) will talk about her experience as a Breast surgeon with Breast Cancer, Terri Coutee (Seattle, USA) will talk about shared decision making from the patients point of View and Minas Chrysopoulo (San Antonio, USA) will talk about shared Decision making from the clinician point of view. This is organised and moderated by Yazan Masannat (Aberdeen, Scotland, UK). Omar Sherif Omar (Cairo, Egypt) will be also moderating and the Panelists include Kirstin Litz (California, USA) Theodore Nanidis (London, UK) and Lashan Peiris (Alberta, Canada) 


For more information and to register please visit Breast Surgery Webinars