2 - 3 Oct 2019


3DMedLIVE, 02/10/2019-03/10/2019, 1 America Square, London (UK). Convening a community of innovation and best practice to advance surgical applications of 3D printing. Full information can be found on the website: www.3dmedlive.com, Contact: g.makin@3dmednet.com

Are you a surgeon looking for a way to bring 3D printing into your surgical planning, training or patient consent? Are you a healthcare professional with questions about the manufacturing and regulation of patient-specific implants? Or a start-up wanting to connect with clinicians?

In response to calls to bring together surgeons, radiologists, biomedical engineers, 3D printing technicians, medical modellers and healthcare professionals, with regulators, engineers, start-ups and suppliers, we have launched 3DMedLIVE in partnership between 3DMedNet and the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine. This new event aims to convene all members of the community who, together, can take 3D printing in surgical practice to the next level, and make it an everyday reality in many hospitals

Join the future-focused conversation on themes including:

- Understand this growing area of personalised healthcare, part of the NHS 2020 vision

- Innovations, techniques and applications of 3D printing

- Quantifying the benefits for surgical training and patient consent

- Understanding the process of patient-specific customised surgical models and implants

- What is the regulatory landscape for customised medical devices, and how will the 2020 regulations change this?

- Which route: outsource, service provider in-house or build your own 3D printing lab?

- The business case for 3D printing; reducing costs and improving outcomes

- Doctorpreneurs: how to get your idea to an MVP and fund your start up.