28 - 30 Sep 2017

ESSO Advanced Course on Breast Cancer Surgery

The programme will include state-of-the-art lectures, meet-the-expert type workshops and case discussions aiming at facilitating the interaction between participants and teachers.



This workshop will focus on the evidence-based clinical practice and technical aspects of breast cancer surgery within a multidisciplinary approach.

The main topics include:

• Breast imaging and diagnostics, including screening
• Tailored treatment of DCIS, and other risk lesions (LCIS, ADH, etc)
• Management of breast cancer in older and younger women
• Management of BRCA gene carriers and high risk women including
risk assessment, enhanced screening , risk reducing surgery and
• Breast cancer in pregnancy
• Sentinel node biopsy; technical aspects, intra-operative nodal
assessment and localisation techniques
• Treatment options for patients with positive sentinel nodes: role of
radiotherapy and risk scoring algorithms.
• Management of the axila in the neoadjuvant setting
• Axillary lymph node dissection: controversy, indications and technical
aspects in the post Z11 and Amaros era

You view the flyer for this event here and you can download the full programme here.