3 - 7 Jul 2017

Principles of Metastatic Breast Cancer Care

This course is designed primarily for nurses and allied health professionals working with patients with metastatic breast cancer.



This course will advance your knowledge and insight into the disease and its impact, enabling you to develop appropriate care, support and services. 

Key topics covered:

  • Metastatic breast cancer biology and pathophysiology
  • The impact of metastatic breast cancer on individuals and family
  • Treatment options for metastatic breast cancer and decision making
  • Assessment and management of common symptoms seen in this client group (e.g. fungating breast, bone pain, fatigue)
  • Identification and management of relevant palliative care emergencies
  • Supportive communication skills and strategies

This course has academic credit of 15 credits at either level 6 or 7. There is an assessment of a 2,000 word essay for level 6 or a 3,000 word essay for level 7.  The course is validated by The University of East Anglia.


For more information and to apply please visit the Royal Marsden School website.