BEST (Breast Extended Surgical Team) - Allied Health Professional webinar session

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This webinar is being held on 19th March at 6:00pm.

Start Date: 19/03/2024

End Date: 19/03/2024

Duration: 1 hour


Chair: Ms Laura Smith 

  • “The role of the consultant radiographer in breast imaging”.

       Donna Shrubsall – Consultant Radiographer -James Paget university hospital. 

  •  "Advance Nurse Practitioners in Breast Care"

      Karen Ives-Smith - Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Breast Care,University of Derby and Burton NHS foundation trust

  • “Physician Associates in Breast Surgery”

       Susanne Theis - Physician Associate  - Royal Berkshire hospital 

  • “The importance of supervision and support for AHPs"

       Sue Down - Consultant Breast Surgeon, James Paget University Hospital, ABS Education and Training committee





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