On this page you will find profiles for the speakers contributing to the programme for the ABS Conference 2021

Dr Steve Allen Portrait

Dr Steve Allen The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Miss Leena Chagla Portrait

Miss Leena Chagla St Helen's & Knowsley Teaching Hospital NHS Trust

Miss Julie Doughty Portrait

Miss Julie Doughty Gartnavel General Hospital

Ms Sarah Downey Portrait

Ms Sarah Downey James Paget Healthcare NHS Trust

Mr Ashu Gandhi Portrait

Mr Ashu Gandhi Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Mr Paul Harris Portrait

Mr Paul Harris The London Clinic

Prof Chris Holcombe Portrait

Prof Chris Holcombe Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Mrs Sue Holcombe Portrait

Mrs Sue Holcombe Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Mr Mohamed Jahan Portrait

Mr Mohamed Jahan Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Prof Stephen Johnston Portrait

Prof Stephen Johnston The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Prof Cliona Kirwan Portrait

Prof Cliona Kirwan University of Manchester

Mr Douglas Macmillan Portrait

Mr Douglas Macmillan Nottingham Breast Institute

Liz O'Riordan Portrait

Liz O'Riordan Retired Consultant Surgeon and Breast Cancer Patient

Prof Carlo Palmieri Portrait

Prof Carlo Palmieri University of Liverpool

Prof Sarah Pinder Portrait

Prof Sarah Pinder King's College Hospital, London

Dr Alistair Ring Portrait

Dr Alistair Ring The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Miss Hirah Rizki Portrait

Miss Hirah Rizki Imperial College NHS Trust, London

Prof John Robertson Portrait

Prof John Robertson University Hospitals of Derby & Burton NHS Foundation Trust

Ms Pankaj Roy Portrait

Ms Pankaj Roy Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust