Information for oral and poster presentations authors

Authors of oral and poster presentations should have received information about how to use the online system.  If not please contact


Deadlines and actions:

8 March – 3 May              Activate your account

14 Dec – 3 May                 Start creating your content

3 May                                 Deadline for uploading content and editing your poster/s

                                              If you have not started or uploaded content by this date your poster will be withdrawn from the conference.

3- 13 May                           Posters checked for publishing

13 May                               Deadline for any fine edits /amendments

14 May                               Posters opened for access by delegates


Creating your poster

The platform allows you to do the simplest presentation by uploading a pdf or PPT presentation. But you can do so much more

  • 3 minute video presentation of your poster
  • Add links to websites or apps
  • Social media feeds
  • Add supporting documents
  • Add surveys

This is an opportunity to create a great resource that you can use to showcase your work

Here are some example posters -