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On this page you can find out information about viewing the oral and poster presentations for the ABS Conference 2021

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You can view here:

  • The oral and poster presentations for submitted abstracts
  • Posters from the ABS Badged and Endorsed Trials
  • Posters from the ABS Conference sponsors

There are links to all the presentations below but you can switch between types of posters on the site by clicking on the downward arrow (saying either Posters, Oral Presentations, Sponsors or Trials) on the right hand side of the search bar near the top of the page.

The prize for the best oral presentations was awarded to:

Miss Kate Harvey, “Early results from the Pre-BRA IDEAL 2a/2b prospective multicentre cohort study to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of prepectoral breast reconstruction” (Number 26)

The prize for the best poster presentation was awarded to:

Dr Nur Nurmahomed, “Long-term Breast Pain 24 months after Breast Cancer treatment: the association with Pain Sensitivity and Pain Catastrophizing - a pilot study” (P137)

Oral Presentations

You can view the recorded oral presentations for the submitted abstracts here

Information for presenting authors about how to submit their presentation can be found here

Poster Presentations

You can view the online posters here

A programme of the poster presentations selected for inclusion at the ABS Online Conference 2021 is available here.

Trials Posters

You can view posters for the ABS' Badged and Endorsed Trials here

You can find out more information about the studies in the Research section of the ABS website 

Sponsors' Posters

You can view posters from the ABS Conference's sponsors here