Sysmex UK Ltd

Sysmex are the exclusive distributors of the Sentimag® system, the only non-radioactive option that offers both lesion localisation (Magseed®) and SLNB (Magtrace®) in the same platform.  Magseed® has become the most widely adopted alternative to guide wires across Europe whilst Magtrace® now offers a 30 day injection window to eradicate delays associated with radioisotope.

Sysmex also manufacture the NICE approved RD-210 (OSNA® system) which offers a fast, standardised and quantified (CK19 mRNA cps/ul) molecular lymph node analysis to ensure no metastasis is left undiscovered. Results of whole lymph node analysis, rather than sampling, are available in as little as 20 mins for those wanting to perform intraoperative assessment or can equally be analysed post-operatively to provide confidence in clinical decision making in an era of surgical and therapy de-escalation.

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