Association of Breast Surgery Conference

The ABS Conference is a two-day multidisciplinary scientific meeting that is held annually.

ABS Conference 2017, 15th & 16th May, Belfast Waterfront


We hope you enjoyed the ABS Conference 2017 at the Belfast Waterfront.

Please use the links below to access webcasts, photos and e-posters from this year's event. 

Next year's conference will take place on the 18th & 19th June at ICC Birmingham. More information about the programme, registration and accommodation will be available here in due course. 








We are currently in the process of uploading webcasts of the presentations from the ABS Conference 2017 for ABS members and delegates to view. You can find webcasts from this year's conference on the Previous Meetings page here.

Click here to view the gallery of photos from this year's ABS Conference, held on 15th & 16th May at the Belfast Waterfront. 

You can view the e-posters that were displayed at this year's ABS Conference by clicking here.