Read below for information on pre-operative and post-operative QPROMS for breast augmentation.

The Royal College of Surgeons' Cosmetic Surgery Interspecialty Committee has developed pre-operative and post-operative Q-PROMs for breast augmentation, which it would like cosmetic surgery service providers to routinely collect for all patients undergoing augmentation mammoplasty.

As of January 2016 it is a legal requirement for every provider of cosmetic surgery to collect a defined set of private patient episode data, as set out by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). This will enable the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) to publish performance measures by procedure, at both hospital and consultant level, from April 2017.

Completion of PROMs, pre and post-operatively, allows for a patient's own measurement of their health and health-related quality of life, and how this has been changed by the surgical intervention. PROMs are distinct from more general measures of satisfaction and experience, being procedure-specific, validated, and constructed to reduce bias effects.

The questionnaires should ideally be completed by the patient and collected pre and post-operatively. The completed questionnaires should be scored and any changes between the scores can be attributed to the surgical intervention.

You can freely access the pre and post-operative QPROMs questionnaires and scoring tables, service user manuals, and tools to support data analysis. To access the Breast-Q User Manual and the pre and post-operative Q-PROMs please click here.