Click below for information on ABS Committee members. If you would like to contact a Committee member please do so by getting in touch with the ABS office.



ABS Trustee and Committee vacancies will be advertised on this page. 

We are currently seeking nominations for four Trustee vacancies:

  • Meetings Secretary (from June 2018)
  • Academic and Research Committee Chair (from September 2017)
  • Two Ordinary Trustees (to take up post with immediate effect)

All nominations must be received by Monday 5th June; please click here for more information.

Mr Giles Cunnick


Ashu Gandhi

Chair of the NHS BSP/ABS Screening Audit Group

Mr Mark Sibbering

President of the ABS

Mr Pud Bhaskar

Clinical Advisor in Breast Surgery

Miss Marianne Dillon

Clinical Advisor in Breast Surgery

Miss Sarah Downey

Clinical Advisor in Breast Surgery

Mr Colm Hennessy

Clinical Advisor in Breast Surgery

Mr Brendan McFall

Clinical Advisor in Breast Surgery

Mr Seni Mylvaganam

Clinical Advisor in Breast Surgery

Mr Simon Pain

Clinical Advisor in Breast Surgery

Mr Zenon Rayter

Clinical Advisor in Breast Surgery

Ms Karyn Shenton

Clinical Advisor in Breast Surgery

Miss Sheila Stallard

Clinical Advisor in Breast Surgery

Miss Poppy Valassiadou

Clinical Advisor in Breast Surgery

Leena Chagla

Clinical Advisor in Breast Surgery

Mrs Margaret Casey


Mrs Jacquie Jenkins


Ms Sue Cohen


Prof Malcolm Reed


Research interests include the management of breast cancer in older women and treatment choices for women with breast cancer.

Mr Ramsey Cutress


Research interests include breast cancer translational research; breast cancer clinical trials and peri-surgical window studies and nutritional and metabolic determinants of breast cancer outcome.

Prof Amtul Carmichael


Prof Carmichael's main research interest is in lifestyle and breast cancer and investigating the role of obesity and physical activity in the management of breast cancer.

Prof Michael Douek


Mr James Harvey


Research interests include radiotherapy and breast reconstruction outcomes; clinical breast surgery research; iImplant coatings; medical device testing. Other roles include Co-supervisor of North West Breast Trainees Research Collaborative and Faculty for research modules of MS in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery.

Ms Cliona Kirwan


Research interests include clinical trials; academic training and Translational Research.

Mr Daniel Leff


Research interests include surgical technologies for oncological margin controls; surgical education, skills training and simulation and neuroergonomic research.

Mr Stuart McIntosh


Research interests include Chemoprevention in high risk patient groups; Biomarker driven studies in the neoadjuvant treatment of breast cancer; Use of three dimensional surface imaging technologies in breast surgery. Other roles include Deputy Director Northern Cancer Ireland Cancer Trials Network and Member, NCRI Breast Clinical Studies Group.

Miss Raghavan Vidya


Miss Shelley Potter

Mammary Fold Representative

Research interests include Improving outcomes in breast reconstruction; Surgical trials methodology; Feasibility studies using mixed (qualitative and quantative) methods; Systematic reviews. Other roles include Chair of the Mammary Fold Academic & Research Collaborative (MFAC) and Trainee member of the NCRI Breast Clinical Studies Group.

Ms Pat Fairbrother

Patient Representative

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999, Pat became a patient advocate the following year and soon after a board member of a national breast cancer charity. Pat is a founder member of the Independent Cancer Patients' Voice and is now a Trustee. She is engaged in working with several trial management groups looking at patient information for recruitment.

Mr Laszlo Romics


Lee Martin


Sue Down


Phil Drew


Penny McManus


Joe O'Donoghue


Simon Smith


Jeyarama Srinivasan


Anne Tansley


Philip Turton


Mr Ashu Gandhi


Miss Leena Chagla

Honorary Secretary, ABS

Miss Nicola Roche

ABS Trustee

Mr Simon Cawthorn

ABS Trustee

Mrs Joanna Rowley

ABS Nursing Trustee

Mr Lee Martin

Aesthetic Breast Surgery Committee Rep

Mr Kieran Horgan

NABCOP Audit Representative

NHS England Breast Cancer SSCRG Representative

Mr Maurice Stokes

Society of Irish Breast Surgeons Representative



Mr Richard Haywood

BAPRAS Representative

Prof Chris Holcombe

NCRAS Breast Cancer SSCRG Representative

Mr Ash Subramanian

Communications Working Group Representative

Mr Subramanian is a consultant oncoplastic surgeon based on the south coast. He has a particular interest in patient communication and delivering patient choice in an effective way. He is currently Director of Communications for the ABS.

Mark Sibbering

Sloane Project Rep

Giles Cunnick

Chair of the ABS/NHS BSP Screening Committee

Mr Baek Kim

Mammary Fold Representative

Ms Jennifer Hu

London Regional Representative

Ms Karina Cox

South East Coast Regional Representative

Ms Siobhan Laws

South East Central Regional Representative

Mrs Clare Fowler

South West Regional Representative

Mr Soni Soumian

West Midlands Regional Representative

Mr Amit Goyal

East Midlands Regional Representative

Mr Simon Smith

Eastern Regional Representative

Mr Richard Johnson

Wales Regional Representative

Mr Matthew Barber

Scotland Regional Representative

Miss Sam Sloan

Northern Ireland Regional Representative

Miss Maria Bramley

North West Regional Representative

Mr Mysore Chandrashekar

Merseyside Regional Representative

Mr Kevin Clark

Northern Regional Representative

Mr Philip Turton

Yorkshire Regional Representative

Mr Marcus Galea

ABS Guidelines Coordinator  

Miss Julie Doughty

Vice President of the ABS

Miss Anne Tansley


Prof Phil Drew

ABS Trustee

Mrs Katy Hogben

ABS Trustee

Ms Anushka Chaudhry


Mr Henry Cain


Sarah Downey


Mr Sankaran Narayanan


Mr Duraisamy Ravichandran


Miss Suzanne Joharchi

Nursing Representative

Mr Rajiv Dave

Mammary Fold Representative